A Love Letter to Cincinnati . . . .

ArtWorks CincyInk is an interactive, city-wide celebration of love for Cincinnati! Kicking off at the 2014 Midpoint Music Festival, CincyInk began with a call for words, stories, poems and other written expressions of love for the Queen City.  Submitted online, at libraries and numerous open-air street festivals, over 1,000 people shared their passion for Cincinnati in prose and poetry.  These crowd-sourced contributions were crafted into one large poem by the Cincinnati poetry collective Chase Public titled “Seven Hills and a Queen to Name Them.”  This poem is meant to be shared and will be creatively relayed back to the public through dramatic readings, social media posts, an artistic video and will serve as the foundation for the Cincinnati Tattoo project by artists Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, as well as numerous public art works and community activities. The entire project will wrap with a celebration in November. Click here to read the latest story on the creation of the poem, written by John Faherty and published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.


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