ArtWorks’ SpringBoard Is Now CO.STARTERS

ArtWorks is excited to announce that SpringBoard, ArtWorks’ business development program, is now called CO.STARTERS!

ArtWorks’ business development program for creative entrepreneurs has a new name and an improved curriculum. The enhanced nine-week course leverages a customer-driven business model based on Lean Startup® methodologies.

Why It Works

CO.STARTERS walks aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs through the lean business modeling methods used by high-growth startups in a simple and intuitive way. Rather than treating a small business like a large corporation and writing a detailed business plan, program participants are encouraged to build and test small models first. As a result, the entrepreneurs receive real-time customer feedback, update their models to meet customer needs, and avoid building a business based on incorrect assumptions.

The Good Stuff’s Still Here

In short, SpringBoard has a new name and an improved curriculum but the things you know and love about SpringBoard are still part of CO.STARTERS.

  • Support from the local business community to share their expertise
    Over 70 professionals and small business owners from Cincinnati area accounting firms, law firms, financing institutions and branding agencies actively volunteer their time as guest presenters.
  • The benefit of a small class size
    CO.STARTERS classes max out at no more than 15 participants per session
  • Collaborative learning environment
    CO.STARTERS entrepreneurs share experiences and offer constructive feedback

What’s New?

  • Builds businesses using a customer-based model
    Entrepreneurs focus on a business model instead of being bogged down by a complicated business plan
  • Utilizes a lean startup methodology
    Participants use simple and intuitive lean business modeling methods to identify and test business assumptions
  • No formal pitch night
    Ongoing presentations help participants to determine next steps collaboratively
  • Nationwide community of support
    CO.STARTERS is now rolling out in other communities across the nation, providing ArtWorks Starters with a national network of support and exchange.

Why did SpringBoard change?

We’ve listened to your feedback, taken the best of SpringBoard and combined it with what we’ve learned from the high-growth start up world. The CO.STARTERS curriculum was formulated by our partners at Company Lab in Chattanooga in close collaboration with ArtWorks in Cincinnati with input from D:hive in Detroit.


The Company Lab, a Chattanooga-based organization, formulated the CO.STARTERS curriculum in close collaboration with ArtWorks in Cincinnati and D:hive in Detroit. To learn more about CO.STARTERS nationwide, visit

Get Involved!

Apply for the spring session of ArtWorks CO.STARTERS February 3-February 21.

The next session meets March 18 through May 13. Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm at ArtWorks, 20 E. Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

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