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Betty Hatchett Designs

CO.STARTERS Graduate 2012

You can often find glimpses of the palette, wilderness and/or kitsch of Florida’s gulf coast in my work, where I first fell in love with art making and the sun-kissed, gypsy Floridian artists I met at my neighborhood community center’s outdoor art fairs… I was enchanted as a child walking through booth after booth filled with snowy egrets, great blue herons and gentle manatees, all the while serenaded by wafting Jimmy Buffett songs.

Having a background in graphic design along with painting, I also get excited by the prospect of turning a beautiful idea or story into a compelling image. Many paintings come from a desire to put visual body to a poem or narrative or some extraordinary fact that has romanced my imagination.

The creative process allows me to slow down, listen to life’s stories, beauty, humor, questions and give as honest a response as I can muster. I feel more human when I make things, more aware of how strange and wonderful it is to be alive, more grateful. I hope my work can offer a piece of that wonder to you as well.

Elizabeth Hatchett

2018 Season Sponser