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Clifton Cultural Arts Center

CO.STARTERS Graduate 2012

The mission of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center is to strengthen the critical link between participation in the cultural arts and successful, healthy children, adults and communities.

The guiding vision of CCAC is one of a dynamic and collaborative civic hub – a bustling hive of artistic activity and personal expression where people of all ages and backgrounds, from all over Greater Cincinnati, will come and go from morning until evening.

But unlike any typical community arts center, CCAC is uniquely inspired and endowed by the opportunity to create an unparalleled, multi-venue campus while preserving two significant historic buildings adjacent to the established Clifton Recreation Center.

With programs designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds and ability levels, CCAC and our partners will attract a diverse array of accomplished and aspiring artists, hobbyists, aficionados, dabblers, and those who just come to observe, enjoy the unique environment and enrich their daily lives.

3711 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45220
(513) 497-2860

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