Keep the ideas coming! Share your ArtWorks mural idea…

On Friday, April 8, our #FemaleLegend mural vote in partnership with the Cincinnati Enquirer officially closed. You can read more about it and meet the candidates here. We hope you will join us at our upcoming 4th Annual ArtWorks Breakfast on Tuesday, April 26 where the winner of the vote will be revealed.

We are so honored that you shared our excitement for our first Female Legend mural and that more than 9,000 of you took the opportunity to weigh in with your vote.

Throughout the two weeks of the vote, we were also excited to see so much discussion in the community about what you would like to see our youth Apprentices (the local teens we employ to create our works of public art!) paint on the many blank walls around our city.

So – we decided to create a space where the community can weigh in and keep the ideas coming!

Do you have a suggestion for the subject of an ArtWorks Mural? Perhaps there’s another local legend that you think should be profiled? A new theme that we should cover? If so, submit your idea below:

Mural Ideas



Thank you for being supporters of ArtWorks and our mission to turn our city into a gallery!


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