In the News

Our local press continues to generously cover our entrepreneurs.  Check out an interview highlighting SpringBoard’s most recent updates on 91.7 WVXU and a recap of our third cohort on Laura Baverman’s new Enquirer blog, EnterChange.

91.7 WVXU Cincinnati: SpringBoard Update

EnterChange: Capemakers, vintage collectors, foodies, green wall architects and more

Some members of the December SpringBoard Class with facilitators Elizabeth Edwards and Bill Cunningham

And congratulations to our most recent entrepreneurs to complete the course! This dynamic talented group of creatives should be watched closely.

Ryan Ball, Travis Hope and Joe Kinzelman, E13Workshop

Laura Chenault, Food Ventures

Alicia Kravitz, Dulcet Design

Jon Lowry, Hero Design Co.

Amy Lynch, Lucius Limited

Dyan Miller, Mango Tree Gallery

Sarah Miller, MoonForest Studio

Hart Neely, Modern Relics

Kat Pepmeyer, Get Down Give Back

Lindsey Riley, 513AD

Laura Straubing, Laura Lang Photography

Julianna Thompson, Julianna Boehm Photography

Lizzy Wayne, Nail Salon (name TBD)


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