Meet Your Match: A Speed-Dating Event for Designers and Entrepreneurs

Meet Your Match is now open to the public! If you’re an entrepreneur in need of some design work, read on! 

What is Meet Your Match?

Designers are constantly looking for the right client that inspires and excites. But hustling for the next dollar is time consuming. For any entrepreneur, finding the right designer to help create a visual identity can be challenging and often times intimidating. Meet Your Match is an ArtWorks event where entrepreneurs and designers meet one another and explore a potential relationship in a speed-dating format – increasing the likelihood that designer and entrepreneur will be able to build a happy and productive relationship.

How does it work?

Designers who have elected to participate in the event will have access to the participating businesses information and needs and will select three entrepreneurs they are interested in meeting. Designers and entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to interview each other in 15 minute increments. Rather than paying cash,  businesses can offer $500 of goods and services (or cash is always an option!) in exchange for well-designed collateral that will take their ventures to the next level. Business owners will identify their design needs by selecting from a set menu of services and disclosing the goods and services they are prepared to exchange if a match is made at the event.

When is Meet Your Match?

Thursday, October 3rd
12 – 2pm
The Brandery (1411 Vine Street, Cincinnati, 45202)

How do I get involved?

Entrepreneurs and local professional designers must register to participate. All registration forms due by Wednesday, September 20th at 5 pm.

Are you an entrepreneur with design needs?

Register here!

Are you a designer interested in working with a local small business?

Register here!


Contact Sarah Corlett  for more information.


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