Three New Murals Coming to Avondale

In 2011, ArtWorks partnered with the Avondale Youth Council to create a mural in celebration of the neighborhood, its colorful history, and the hopes and aspirations of the local youth. Painted on the side of what was the Avondale Town Center, the image was a map of the neighborhood, showing the architecture, houses, and families. Additionally, Avondale Youth Council contributed words and images that are sources of pride, representing Avondale’s values of community, respect for self and others, and working together for a brighter future. Designed by Cedric Michael Cox, a local artist with Avondale roots, the original Avondale Pride mural truly was by and for the community that served as a source of civic pride.

In 2017 we had to say good-bye to the original Avondale Pride mural and the old Town Center. However, the demolition made way for a new Town Center, which will give the community access to sorely needed stores and other facilities. The Avondale community rallied overwhelming support for a new Pride mural on one wall of the new Town Center. ArtWorks partnered with The Community Builders and responded with not one, but three new murals designed by the original artist, Cedric Michael Cox.

The new murals are based on community input, insights, and themes. These murals reflect the community identity of Avondale and its vision for the future. Local Teaching Artists, Christian Dallas and Ciro Casanova, led a team of twelve local Youth Apprentices to create the murals in an offsite studio on parachute cloth, while the town center construction is in progress. Studio work is complete, and the mural installation is planned for spring 2019 once construction on the Town Center is finished.

Now, we’re counting on YOU to support the installation of this project and show your Avondale Pride! We have the opportunity for a $10,000 grant from SVN International and SVN/RICORE, but first we need to raise $10,000 from the community. Every gift is an investment in Avondale through meaningful, community-driven public art and right now you have a chance to double your impact. Remember, we only receive all of the matching funds if we hit our goal. Donations can be made here, or cash and checks can be mailed to ArtWorks, 20 E. Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Video produced by Jason Nix, Axe of All Trades.

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