TONIGHT – Round Table on Intellectual Property Basics

Join SpringBoard tonight at 6pm for another Round Table on Intellectual Property basics.  We’ll hear from representatives from Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL and Ulmer Berne LLP who will explore Intellectual Property basics.

All SpringBoarders, both past and current, are welcome to attend this FREE event.

SpringBoard Round Table: Intellectual Property Basics
Monday, August 20
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We asked Mike Hurst, one of our round table speakers, about what he’ll be covering at tonight’s discussion.

Why is Intellectual Property important to learn?

If you are an entrepreneur, that means you have an idea for something you think somebody else is willing to buy.  Ideas, and the way they are reduced to something tangible so they can be marketed and sold, are what intellectual property is all about.  Basically, intellectual property is the foundation of everything you do.

What are some common misconceptions surrounding IP?

The biggest misconception I see in my practice, although it is rarely held by artists, is believing that if you pay someone to create something, it belongs to the person who paid for it.  This is rarely true.  Most of the time, the person who created the thing is the person who owns it.

What are some IP basics you will cover in the round table discussion?

A little bit of everything, unless it’s a patent, in which case, I will plead relative ignorance.  Specifically, we will talk about trademarks and branding, copyrights, infringements, the internet, permissions to use, enforcing your rights, and whatever else we can fit in.


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