ArtWorks Elevates Me!

We chatted with ArtWorks Youth Apprentice, Princess, about her experience working with ArtWorks for almost 5 years! Read more about her experience below.



How old you are?


Where do you go to school?

I graduated from Winton Woods High School and I currently attend Northeastern University.

How long have you worked with ArtWorks? How many seasons/projects have you been on?

I’ve worked with ArtWorks since the Summer of 2014 on five projects.

What was the most recent project you worked on?

The most recent project I worked on was REFUGE: Waves to Wellness.

How has ArtWorks elevated you?

ArtWorks has elevated me by pushing me to cultivate my art skills while also teaching me professionalism and techniques to use while presenting to large groups. In addition, ArtWorks has elevated my college and scholarship applications by giving me a unique experience that makes me stand out greatly.

What is your favorite part of working with ArtWorks?

My favorite part of working with ArtWorks is being able to transform Cincinnati with other artists that I otherwise would have never met.

Tell us a fun story about working with ArtWorks.

While working on the Rosemary Clooney mural, my team and I created songs and dances. During our breaks, we created fun lyrics describing the mural process and would just let loose and have fun.

Tell us what it is like working with your Teaching Artist(s)/Project Manager.

It’s always enlightening to work with Teaching Artists and Project Managers. It’s eye-opening to hear about their profession and personal art while working alongside of them to create art for our city. They are always there for apprentices and always help with whatever they can. They are amazing role models with inspiring stories to tell.

Any advice for 2019 Apprentice Applicants?

2019 Apprentice Applicants, get out of your comfort zone this summer! Talk with people you usually wouldn’t! Try out a different art style than usual! Take advantage of workshops that ArtWorks hosts! In doing this, you’ll have one of the most memorable summers of your life. Even if not selected to work this year, don’t let it get to you! You are an amazing artist with a blinding bright future ahead of you.

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