ArtWorks Seeks Requests for Proposals for 2019 Photography

ArtWorks is launching a request for proposals (RFP) for our 2019 photography needs. For 23 years, ArtWorks has been hiring local youth to work with Professional Artists to make monumental works of art, transforming the Greater Cincinnati area. Many of these projects become local landmarks, some of them become private works of art, and some of the projects are rooted in community engagement only to exist in that moment of shared creative connection and experience.

ArtWorks’ mission is to transform people and places with investments in creativity.

Photographic documentation is needed to capture the transformative nature of ArtWorks creative mission. ArtWorks Apprentices and Teaching Staff are central to the mission. Projects happen year-round and photo documentation enables ArtWorks to share its mission with a broad audience of supporters. The deadline to respond is Thursday, February 28.  Those interested can respond to the proposal based on what projects you are most interested in doing. For example, you can bid for the whole year, or you can bid for only a portion of it.

For more information and how to submit your proposal, please review our RFP.