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Colleen Houston, ArtWorks CEO + Artistic Director, on CET’s SHOWTIME with Barbara Kellar

Colleen Houston, Artworks’ CEO and Artistic Director is being featured on the next episode of SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar CET, CET Arts and online. Kellar has served in numerous roles at CET over 54 years garnering multiple awards and recognition for her dedication to the arts, youth, and education through the network. Her latest project is SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar, a monthly arts and cultural series highlighting the not-to-be-missed moments of our region’s artistic arena. 

Houston recently visited the CET studios to cover what 2021 has held for ArtWorks and what’s to come in the nonprofit’s future. 2021 marked the organization’s 25th anniversary since its start in the school yard of the old School of Creative and Performing Arts. Tune into the conversation on CET, CET Arts or online! 

Colleen Houston on SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar airtime schedule:

  • Online Premiere: November 6 at 6:30pm
  • Saturday, November 6, at 6:30pm on CET
  • Sunday, November 7, at 8:30pm on CET Arts
  • Monday, November 8, at 8:30am, 1:30pm and 5:30pm on CET Arts
  • Tuesday, November 9, at 10:30am, 3:30pm and 10:30pm on CET Arts

Watch the Interview Online

About ArtWorks

ArtWorks is an award-winning Greater Cincinnati nonprofit that transforms people and places through investments in creativity. The organization collaborates with community organizations and residents, businesses, governments, foundations and nonprofits to build creative works of art that bolster the region’s global reputation as an arts destination. ArtWorks employs professional artists who inspire and mentor diverse teams of youth, ages 14-21, helping them build 21st century career-readiness skills. These teams have completed more than 14,000 public and private art projects in its 25 years, including more than 200 permanent outdoor murals.