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Getting ArtWorks Youth Youth Apprentices ready for 21st-century careers

At ArtWorks, we consider ourselves lucky to have a plethora of generous supporters who believe in our Youth Apprentice program and who have committed to our Apprentice Promise, despite the difficult year our world is facing. 

That’s the good we’ve found in these times—the silver lining.

Our program had its delays while we watched the impact of coronavirus. Once Governor DeWine announced the reopening of our state, we knew it was time to put our diligently crafted and expanded safety protocols in to play and begin our summer season. 

Adhering to health official guidelines, we started our 2020 season on Monday, July 6 with the start of our 2020 Launch Week. 

Needless to say, this year, Launch Week looked different. Typically, we have near 100 people in a room including Youth Apprentice hires, Teaching artists, facilitators, and ArtWorks staff. The ginormous group of teens and young adults learn and laugh and get to know one another before they break down into their individual teams.

This year, we had to eliminate the massive gathering and hold orientations for each project team, which are limited to 10 people or less.Some teams held their sessions in person and some over Zoom, depending on if their worksite was on-site or remote. The week kicked off with a rundown of safety, scaffolding training (for teams painting tall murals), and general protocol overviews.

Camp Joy returned for another year to facilitate a workshop on building trust and communication. The Youth Apprentices also participated in a workshop by Over-the-Rhine’s Ensemble Theatre to sharpen their public speaking skills. Additional professional training, performance reviews and enrichment workshops such as financial literacy and empathy building will be held throughout the summer for all teams. 

To see a sneak peek of what our teams are working on this summer, check out our summer preview here.


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