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Intern Perspective: Madisonville Community Engagement

Madisonville Zine. Photo by Ashton Morris.

ArtWorks often gets the opportunity to host University of Cincinnati DAAP students as co-op interns, and this summer two ArtWorks interns worked in Madisonville to facilitate community engagement in the neighborhood.

Ashton Morris and Haley Hughes worked together to design a zine for Madisonville that aims to gather information from residents about their thoughts and opinions of the area and the changes it has seen and is currently seeing. Each intern created their own layouts and designs along with a template version to customize to another area or project.

“The experience has truly been an amazing one with so much opportunity to learn and grow and discover more about the local art community here in the Cincinnati area,” Morris said.

After completing the design, the zine was tested at a community engagement event in a Madisonville park and was very well received.

For more information on the zine and how it was developed, please visit Morris’ portfolio.

Little Library post amid a plant bed. Photo from Madisonville. Courtesy of Ashton Morris.

We thank Morris and Hughes for spending their summer at ArtWorks!

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