Meet Kit Andrews, the new Director of Individual Giving at ArtWorks

Earlier this month, Kit Andrews joined the ArtWorks team as the Director of Individual Giving. Read this interview to get to know her!

Where else have you worked?

I spent 33 years as a reporter and anchor at WKRC TV News, Local 12. Prior to that, 2 years as a weekend anchor at KHQ in Spokane, WA.  Now that’s ancient history!


It’s tough to just pick one…. But what is your favorite ArtWorks Mural or Public Art Project?

My favorite mural is the one on the Kroger Building, “Fresh Market,” by Jonathon Queen, and ArtWorks youth Apprentices. Call me old-fashioned, I like the realism, and the incredible attention to detail, all the way down to the water droplets on the fruit and vegetables. The best part is, it is right across the street from the ArtWorks office, so I get to enjoy it every day.  And you’re right, it’s hard to pick one; I also love the Edison bulbs in the arches at the Duke Energy substation on Central Parkway, and the Sam Adams mural with so many Cincinnati landmarks featured inside and surrounding a horizontal beer bottle…  very creative!

Spring is finally here! What’s your favorite way to spend (s) a beautiful spring day?

I love to take walks with my husband Mike and our dog Dot. We live in Newport, so it’s easy to walk across the Purple People Bridge to access the parks on the banks, beautiful! I also like to renovate homes, and old furniture, so I haunt salvage centers like ReUse and Building Value, along with online auctions.

Are you a Cincinnati native?

I was born and raised in Seattle, and moved to Cincinnati to take the job at WKRC. I’ve lived many more years here than on the west coast, Cincinnati feels like home.


What’s your favorite movie? Your favorite book?

I like thrillers, so movies like Sixth Sense  are among my favorites. In non-fiction books, I like Bill Bryson and David McCullough, and am currently reading “The Great Bridge.”  I must admit I read more fiction (escapism!) and among my favorite authors are Kristen Hannah, Jojo Moyes and Ken Follett.


When you were little and people asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, what would you say?

I wanted to be an artist. Many of the people who signed my high school year book mentioned it. When I see the ArtWorks artists’ amazing ability, I realize my talent is lacking!


What attracted you to ArtWorks?

Return on investment; both from the financial, donor side, and the human side. The Guide Star rating is excellent, which makes ArtWorks is easy to sell.  But perhaps more import, it addresses so many social issues in such a creative way; poverty, youth employment, art and fiscal education, diversity, and urban beautification. Add the work we do in healthcare settings to make them more accessible and approachable for pregnant women to get needed prenatal care, and the Hero Design Company that makes superhero capes for children with critical health and home issues, ArtWorks “works” for Cincinnati. It’s been a part of, maybe the catalyst for, much of the urban development we see in OTR today.


When it comes to social media, where can people find you?

Twitter: @KitAndrews12