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More than Murals: ArtWorks’ Partnership with MYCincinnati

“More than Murals” is a series to highlight ArtWorks’ vast range of projects we hire professional artists to mentor youth through completion. Since 2007, we’ve employed Teaching Artists and Youth Apprentices to create 190 permanent outdoor murals which have helped define our region as a global public art destination. Since 1996, we’ve employed Teaching Artists and Youth Apprentices to create everything from superhero capes for children in crisis to educational card games, which have also had a tremendous impact on our community. As you’ll see, our creatives cultivate our region with more than murals.


Each year, ArtWorks partners with MYCincinnati, whose mission is to use ensemble-based music as a vehicle for youth development and community engagement. Through the partnership, ArtWorks and MYCincinnati have developed a Youth Apprenticeship program for MYCincinnati participants who are looking to take their leadership and career readiness skills to the next level—a direct response to a need voiced by MYCincinnati students.


Through this partnership, we create jobs for five to six MYCincinnati Youth Apprentices (ages 14-21). In addition, ArtWorks provides career readiness programming, such as goal setting workshops, formalized professional feedback and financial literacy. The MYCincinnati apprentices lead ensemble classes and mentor other MYCincinnati youth who need one-on-one support. We’re proud to support these youth leaders in giving back to a community organization that they are deeply connected to.


Because of the current pandemic, our programming has shifted for the safety and wellbeing for all. So we have gone digital! Right now, five Youth Apprentices are diving into the realm of online learning by creating videos for the MYCincinnati community and supporting individual students through virtual lessons. 

2020 MYCincinnati Apprentice Team:

Aleesia Black

Ariadna Garcia Maya

Janet Garcia Maya

Sya Mingo

Vanessa Black

These Youth Apprentices are creating short videos that share practice tip and ways to engage, all while asking viewers to respond. ArtWorks has increased its support of this team through virtual training and providing professional development opportunities like video editing and video conference best practices.

For ArtWorks, it is a privilege to be able to continue to serve our community in the midst of a public health crisis. And we couldn’t do this work without the support of our generous community. If you have the means, please consider donating to ArtWorks today to support Cincinnati’s next creative class.

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ArtWorks is an award-winning Greater Cincinnati nonprofit that transforms people and places through investments in creativity. The organization creates jobs for youth, ages 14-21 with the majority from underserved households, providing competitive 21st-century career-readiness skills through mentorship by professional artists. Since 1996, ArtWorks has employed more than 3,600 youth and 3,200 creative professionals, and the organization has completed more than 12,500 public and private art projects that include 190 permanent outdoor murals, contributing to the region’s global reputation as an arts destination. ​Learn more at