Public Art

ArtWorks believes our city is a gallery. Our Public Art program takes art beyond the boundaries of museum galleries and performance halls and displays it in shared, public spaces to inspire all residents and visitors of our community. Through a revolutionary workforce development program, we hire youth Apprentices and professional artists to create vibrancy and transform our region through creative place-making. ArtWorks Public Art is permanent, temporary and ephemeral, and spans murals, sculpture, bike racks, and the Big Pig Gig.


ArtWorks believes the power of art enhances the quality of life. ArtWorks ArtRx program transforms regional healthcare environments for patients, families, and staff to improve their healthcare experience. Additionally, through Hero Design Company—an ArtRx project launched in 2012— ArtWorks youth Apprentices empower children facing emotional, physical and medical hardships through the co-creation of custom superhero insignias and capes.

Creative Enterprise

ArtWorks believes creativity fuels economic growth. We developed our Creative Enterprise program to spur and support local economic development. We train and promote creative entrepreneurs through education, mentorships, access to capital, and community connections. From our 9-week business development program, CO.STARTERS, to our Big Pitch competition and mentorship program, we help make our city more creative and drive economic growth.