Public Art

Art Creates Community Impact that Goes Well Beyond Walls

We believe public art has the power to engage and unite communities, provide employment, and beautify the landscape. Working together with your community, it is our goal to create art that becomes a source of civic pride and transformation—both for your neighborhood and the City at large.

Jobs for Our Youth, Brighter Futures for All

To paint every mural, we hire local youth (ages 14-21) who work as a team under the direction of a professional artist.  For many Apprentices, a job at ArtWorks is their first formal work experience, and their first step toward building a successful career.  Since 1996, ArtWorks has employed more than3,000 area youth—half of whom come from low-income households—who earn income while learning valuable artistic and professional skills. Apprentices also gain confidence and pride knowing they collaborated to create a lasting work of art that will beautify and change the community for the better. Now that’s a testament to the transformative power of art!

Let’s Partner. Here’s How:

Since 2007, ArtWorks has collaborated with dozens of Greater Cincinnati communities to create 132 murals (and counting!) Like any good relationship, we’re looking for partners who are ready to work together to make great things happen. You can help ensure a successful collaboration by providing:

    • A high-visibility wall (whose owner is ready and willing to let it be transformed)
    • Temporary studio space with functional bathroom
    • Willingness to help promote, market and fund raise for the project
    • Input—the best partners are engaged and enthusiastic communities willing to take the time and effort to meet, share ideas, and support the project from start to finish
    • Support—from the first meeting to the mural dedication celebration—we need help reaching your community and encouraging them to participate in the project.

We love painting murals, and we strive to make every project we work on our best one yet. If we partner with your community, you can count on us for the following:

    • Final mural design*
    • Wall preparation
    • Detailed project management
    • All paint and supplies
    • Scaffolding
    • A wonderful mural painted by the ArtWorks team 

*ArtWorks mural designs cannot include signage, logos or ads.

Funding an ArtWorks Mural

The cost of the mural can be funded based on one of four models:

Single Partner Model

  • Partner fully informs mural design concept and artist selection
  • Partner fully funds project and receives sole recognition as funder
  • Examples:  Fresh Harvest mural (Kroger, Co.), Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon (Otto M. Budig Family Foundation)

Community Partner Model (for communities outside of the City of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky)

  • Partner mural committee helps to form mural design and artist selection
  • ArtWorks funds Apprentice stipends, and partner funds and/or seeks additional funding partners – approx. 90% of budget
  • Examples:  Love Blooms (City of Reading) 

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Community Partnership Model

  • Mural design driven by community mural committee and/or community engagement sessions
  • Partner funds 50% of mural; ArtWorks fundraises to support 50% of the mural project
  • Example: Ode to North Avondale (North Avondale)

Underserved Communities Model (within City of Cincinnati)

  • As ArtWorks aims to produce a mural in all 52 Cincinnati neighborhoods, ArtWorks will seek additional grants and funders to support mural projects in underserved Cincinnati communities
  • Additional lead time may be required
  • Example: All You Can Imagine Is Real (North Fairmount)


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