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The Royal Moment: Check Out ninamdot’s King Me Indefinite

King Me Indefinite by ninamdot. Photo by ninamdot.

Artist ninamdot, also known as Nina Wells, from Madisonville, has recently completed King Me Indefinite, now visible in Avondale at 3498 Burnet Avenue.

ninamdot works to uplift black males by working in various community hubs like barbershops to photograph individuals in a kingly manner. King Me Indefinite is a part of an ongoing series. The subjects are regally posed and each wears a crown on their head.


Photo by ninamdot.


“The King Me photo series is art specifically focused on love & restoration of the black male,” ninamdot said. “King Me Indefinite is purposed to encourage men to develop and maintain a high level of self-esteem.” 

For this extension of the project, ninamdot worked in the Avondale neighborhood with Youth Apprentice Kiara Berry to create new images of community residents and permanently install these photographs in a street gallery. 

King Me Indefinite was deliberately installed in a high traffic, predominantly African American residential area.” said ninamdot. “The King Me mantra, ‘What you see is what you become,’ is a reminder that a man is the sum of his surroundings; and these surroundings are the influence behind who he ultimately becomes.” 

Photo by ninamdot.

2020 marked the season of New Voices for ArtWorks, where we launched a fresh program called Jump Start: Fueling Emerging Artists. Seven artists were selected by a jury to receive a grant, studio space, and assistance from ArtWorks Youth Apprentices to create place-based or community based public art projects.

Photo by ninamdot.

“Nina’s installation is an amazing and accessible piece of public art in Avondale,” said Amy Scarpello, ArtWorks’ director of Artist Impact. “We’re honored to support Nina in broadcasting this powerful, uplifting message for Black boys and men in this community.”

King Me Indefinite is a semi-permanent installation.

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