New Monuments Initiative

Monuments make a public statement about the ideas, values, or individuals a community thinks their society should remember or honor. ArtWorks, along with partnering community organizations, will work to ensure that Cincinnati’s statement is one of equity, justice, and truth-telling. The New Monuments initiative will aim to reimagine and rebuild commemorative spaces that celebrate and affirm the historical contributions of the many diverse communities that make up the United States. New Monuments can take the form of prototypes, outdoor art exhibitions, and mixed media materials. They are more than memorials, historians’ markers, and public statuary, but also storytelling spaces, and civic spaces to gather and make meaning. Through this work, ArtWorks plans to host public dialogue and reflection and recenter voices, stories, and narratives to include those who have often been denied historical recognition to inform the creation of new monuments in Cincinnati.


Our Mission

The New Monuments initiative will aim to reimagine and rebuild commemorative spaces that celebrate and affirm the historical contributions of the many diverse communities that make up Cincinnati and the United States.

The New Monuments Community Engagement Report


What’s Next?

The time has come to transform the monumental landscape of Cincinnati. As we stand at the crossroads of history and progress, your voice is the catalyst for change. The New Monuments Initiative is not just a project; it’s a movement to redefine how our city’s story is told.

The next phase of  the New Monuments Initiative begins with monument creation and activation. We anticipate this phase to begin in 2025, utilizing this report to garner community, government and funding support to create new monument(s). Upon the securement of funding support, a call to artists will be released to the public.

We invite you to take a deeper look into the meaning of the monuments around you. YOU can enact change and give meaning to new monuments.

“Cincinnati deserves monuments that resonate with every community, that tell stories previously overlooked, and that reflect the true tapestry of our shared history.”- Asha White, Civic Artist in Residence.

A Call to Action

Your Action Matters. Here’s How You Can Shape the Future:

For Art and Public Art and History Enthusiasts:

  1. Contact your city officials: Advocate for the realization of new monuments that authentically represent Cincinnati’s rich history and diverse communities.
  2. Attend city council meetings. Your presence and passion will reinforce the importance of this transformative project
  3. Donate to the Cause: Contribute to ArtWorks and continue the work of impactful community-based public art by visiting  If you would like to support the continuation of New Monuments, please contact ArtWorks Director of Development Dominique Khoury at
  4. Amplify the Message: Share this research with friends and family. Your advocacy empowers ArtWorks and the Civic Studio to broaden the reach of their impactful work.

For Artists – Ignite Creativity
  1. Dive into the data presented in this report. Ideate on monuments that capture the essence of Cincinnati’s diverse stories. When reflecting on this report consider whom the community would like to see honored, what values do Cincinnatians hold dear, and what materials might reflect the communities vision for new monuments?
  2. Looking for additional resources?: Explore the books Neighborhood Playbook by Kevin Wright and Joe Nickol and Consensus Organizing: A Community Development Workbook by Mary L. Ohmer and Karen DeMasi. These books offer invaluable insights into community engagement, providing practical strategies for activating spaces in your neighborhood, and comprehensive guidance on consensus organizing to strengthen your connections with the community and enhance the impact of your artistic endeavors.
  3. Create! Make your own map, models, sketches or maquettes. Utilize this report to imagine monuments that could redefine public spaces. Your artistic vision can be a powerful force for change. Be ahead of the call to artist by getting creative today!
For Potential Funders – Invest in Change
  1. Catalyzing Cultural Transformation: By funding the New Monuments Initiative, your organization can spearhead a cultural transformation in Cincinnati, contributing to the creation of monuments that authentically represent diverse histories and foster inclusive civic narratives.
  2. Economic and Cultural Magnet: Supporting the initiative not only invests in art, but also positions Cincinnati as a cultural destination, stimulating economic growth and attracting visitors.
  3. Lasting Legacy of Equity: Funding the NMI is an investment in a lasting legacy, showcasing a commitment to truth, justice, and equitable representation, with donors recognized as key contributors to a monumental shift in community celebration and recognition.
If you are interested in participating in Phase 2, please reach out to Sydney Fine, Senior Director of Impact, at

Thanks and Credits

The Civic Studio wants to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of your generous support. Your contributions have made a significant impact on our mission and the people we serve, and we couldn’t be more thankful for your contribution.
Your belief in our cause and your willingness to invest in our work is truly inspiring. This generosity has brought us one step closer to achieving our mission to reimagine and rebuild commemorative spaces that celebrate and affirm the historical contributions of the many diverse communities that make up Cincinnati and the United States.


Thanks to our Donors
The City of Cincinnati
The Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation
Greater Cincinnati Foundation


Thanks to our Ongoing Funders
Ohio Arts Council


Thanks to our Advisory Committee. 
For more information on our Advisory Committee and their respective industries, please see the full list on page 11


Thanks to our Event Partners
A full list of our event partners can be found on page 28-63
Thanks to our report readers
A full list of our report readers can be found on page 23


And a Thanks to our Special Contributors 
Anne Delano Steinert Assistant Professor, Department of History: Provided list of monuments through the 1990’s
Stephen Mockabee Associate Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Cincinnati: Survey design support
Nia Baucke Cohear Co-Founder & CEO: Cohear Professional Development
Monique Gilliam Director, Organizing: Cohear Professional Development
Jessica Moore Manager, Organizing: Cohear Professional Development
William P. Umphres, Ph.D. Director for the Center for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation, Assistant Professor, Educator School of Public and International Affairs University of Cincinnati: UC Center for Truth & Racial Healing Professional Development
Jodi Elowitz Chief Learning Officer: Visit to the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust and Humanity Center: Tour
Lauren Karas Director of Education: Visit to the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust and Humanity Center
Megan Iverson Program Director: Refugee Connect’s Cultural Competency Training
Whitney Dixon Pixxel Designs: Event photography
Chris Kromer Kromer Studios: Digitization of creative data


Finally, thanks to each of our event attendees who provided the feedback to make this report possible. Without you this valuable work could not have been accomplished.
*Note: Not all event participants provided their name for our records. All names provided, as they were provided, have been included below.
Adam, Angela, Caitlyn, Callie, CHUD, Dominique, Genevieve, Grace, Janet Hyland, John Tranovich, Josiah, Lexi, Lizzy, Mary, Matt McPhee, Olivia, Soma, Ted Crussel, Victoria, Zero, Ja Elle Long, Korey, Ilana V. Thomas (IVI), Roux Maynard, Lenny, Kennedy B, Cameron A., Jackson, Sophia Roth, Daisy Taylor, Liam Canipe, Camira C., Seat Kelsay-Thomas, Caleb Bonhiet, Bix, Zelwyn, Blue Rollins, Zoe Lauren Grimsky, Lucy, Amelia, Ellie, Daon, Leo, Evelyn, Sky, Jai, Jasmine Mueller, Aubrey Fahey, Brynn, Wren, Mia, Maggie, Will, Nari, Willow, Hazel Mae Tindall, Hazel, Phoebe, Jen M., Raina Dayal, Schil, Ansah, Naima, Elliot, Wako, Pamela Jayne, Emily Wang, Chloe Otterback, Jennifer Ferry, James Tecco, Lexy Hope, The Jew Family, Janki, Erica, Kayla Beasley, Raymond A, Hide Kanai, Mel, Mr & Mrs John, Margaret, Renee Roberson-Tecco, Michael Vaughn, Tasha, Alana Stockare, Keke, Abdul Al-Lateef, Ena Morriss, Emma Rose, Jackie M., Alyssa, Mike Shields, Regina Groeschen, Kathleen Bryant, Julia Glenn, Ressie H., Christivia Douglas, Rachel and John Shierloh, Debra Cannady, Becca, Mike Blaney, Allie, Lauren, Donna, Scooby-doo II, Lynn, Trene’t Schill, Zoe D. Young, Jack, Jordan, Sandra Glazer, Anthony M Sharp, Sam Bloom, Felicia Davidson, Grant Bushell, Troy, Reggie, Peter, Mickey, Martina, Lori, Lori Ann Aultmare, Gabriel Puente-Lay, Sandara, Joy, Rinpi, Bernadette, Italy, Rosie, Maddox, David S, Laila, Lorelai, Nora, Margie Priest, Van, Roy Carrithers, Jackie Moore, Patricia A. Fambro, Jeneel Keitz, Emily, Lora, Arin, Wright, Anthony Ridley, Janis Leonard, Adams, Alivia, Tyler, Nathan Abercrombie, Damien Jackson, David Dickenson, Diane, Joe, Izzy, Kayla Hess, Rich, Keily, Larry Walkins, Saber, Alariya, Linda, Bradley, Em, Mariah, Corinne, Hadyson Moses, Peter Magenhein, Jacob Miller, Tecumseh’s Blessing, Kathy Alvarez, Felisa, Jacob Eiza, Madison Lentz, Emmanuel, Emma, Ryker, Linda, Elaine B, Pat Nienaber, Carol Dugan, Rosemary, Sue Carroll, Lois Kessling, Theresa, Theresa Wagner, Ruth Kern, Carol Dugan, Elaine Binder, Lois Kessling, Rosemary Olding, Steve Foster, Mike Glover, Zaire S., Regina M., Don Folden, Betty Slaughter, Theresa Stewart, Dawn, Deanna, Melissa, Ryan, Sissy, Angela, Melissa, Dominic Miller, Brookelynn, Robbie, Selph Israel, Antiro, Ke’yon, Josiyah Martin, Chloe, Jamirous, Aspen, KK, Urien, Rose, Mason, Jamak, Adonnic, Kitana, Dominique, Jeno, Brazel, Jada, Jayce, Ryian, King, Skylar, Domani, Ky’Aira, Octavis, Kaidn, Paradise, HKeen, Janae, Octavia, Micheal Washington, McKinley, Jileeane/Jile, Ryan, Dominiachiller.


Thanks to our Survey Takers
Online: Jared McFee, Sarah Haffey, Maria, Veronica Perez, Seth Birch, Ben Siener, Will Lentz, Isabelle Munafo, Tristan Kerkes, Ben Hyland, Marin E, Jane Keller, Omer, Roux Maynard, Jasmine, Madison, James Neyer, Shwetha, Reuben, Val, Steve Griffin, Chris, Maggie Deavy, Greg Slagle, Douglass Haverford, Nancy Archdeacon, Carmen, Daniel Baker, Angela Ebner, Aysha, Mya and Mason, Atlas, Kyleigh, Aj, Tina, Leah Garrison, Zane Williams, N/a, MJ Martin, Sami M, Monica McNear, Keisha, Care about my community, Stephanie McNear, Christian Lumpkin, Christine Kuhr, Lorie, Alice, Ashley, Gavin, Elizabeth Padilla, Ash, Jessy, Bella, Mac Partin, Jo, Sherry Shinkle, Hillary, Erin, Sav, Colin Knight, G, Laster, Kole Cline, Tosha Stutson, Panda, Savannah, Latisha, Taylor, Shane, Gabby, Sidney, Cynthia, Luth, Lucia, Angel, Tavi, Carson Royse, Willie, Donna, Billie, Amy, Cedric Shields, Jo, Mattalyn Yosafat, Macy Wanamaker, Rachel, Donna, Yin, Lainey, Syd, Benjamin Svoboda, Maddie, Nikko E, Leigh Brown, English McMullen, Yani Hunter, Darryn, Kate, Feyi Oyediran, V, Mavis Coffman, Shanna, Avery Allen, Robin, Asia, Heather, Tomm Gabbard, Zane Reed, Shannon, Theresa, Darby Gettell, Julia Voyles, Petf Pomobis, Harlina, Ama Watam, Lucas Jamison, Kat, Anthony, Alex, Lizeth, Desiree, Sam Aines, Chevie Thomas, Jessica Piere, Anna Owens, Emily, Ilona Nielson, Michelle, Erin, Jennica, Olivia Tyre, Jahlya, Kennedi, Daisy Thomas, Jacque, Mckenszie, Justin, Alexis, Emily, Kass, Baylee, Foster Eder, Kion, Judy, Velda Smiley, Jan Brown Checco, Gregg Martini, Kristen, Suellyn Shupe, Amanda Kelly, Carson Loveless, Abby, Krystal, Emma, Mitch, Christine, Gabrielle Broadnax, Roy Kwame Bernard, Jared, Juanita Cox, Precious Stone, William, Ben Brinegar, Alena O’Donnell, Margaret Wienholts, Jeff Ott, Gloria R Lang, James M Zarate, Penny M Ortega, Boris G Knutson, Conrad T Williams, Mercy J Beecher, Richard A Glenn, Carlyle Badasz, Geneva Carey, Rob Thiel, Valoie Ullrich, Dewey Brakus, Cecil O’Cecil, Mark McGinnis, Chas Huguley, Isaiah Seb, Steve Yuh, Thomas Campusbookstore, Teddy Skee, Aaron Hawj, Geoffrey Teena, Will Handz, David Fox, Beez Eddy, Brian Hong, Esera Knight, Raul Osborne, John Sharma, Minister Berkelo, Nao Lapa, Mohammad Carpi, Amicz Wadlington, Del Barr, Add Long, Plo Jiwa, Katri Hei, Hal Turin, Mir Cina, Sabana I, Del Barr, Ink Canada, Searl Mini, Zar Zaarin, Alexis Shvili, Ben Burns, FM Fule, URI Chuck, Pacific Rubiales, Ander Haim, Novo Sholova, Arat Le, Rocha Ness, Erin Schurenberg, Nadia, Judy, Vince Gray, Sabrina Mantle, Carrie Owings, Milton Walters, Casey Guerrero, Babu Jeff, Casey Guerrero, Eleanor Davidson, Quail Haas, Lora Reynolds, Cameron Cross, Fsis, Sonya Elliott, Celia Ramirez, Louis Bryan, Frances Austin, Michael Breen, Charlie Collins, Jessey Gass, Joshua Aydin, Danny Smithlin, Zeno Petersen, Luis Rottweilers, Tangelo Sembiring, Edin Abello, Victor Acquaviva, JessicaDash, StephanieTurner, Mccubbin Hank, Larry J Watkins, Robert Olson, Doris J Santos, Amanda T Gomer, Sara Parker, Susan Hampton, Joanne Moore, Dawn Rodriguez, Timothy Mcconnell, Lisa Campos, Joseph Hobbs, Michael Davisg, John Freemang, Michael Schultzg, Lynch Mamie, Lena Gross, Susie Cruz, Delia Bridges, Pat Sutton, Amanda Johnsonx, Juanita Long, Pat Sutton, Vanessa Gravesd, Cierra Murphy, Joe B Zimmerman, Tatum Lovefhg, Harrison Wallerch, Talia Kaufmanfh, Jaime Ruizfhh, Elliott Bakerfhhh, Colton Tranfuguhrop, Azaria Davenportfh, Vanessa Gravesfh, Toby Grossfhj, Kyra Wigginsfh, Aaron Landryhh, Ayden Randallhh, Cierra Murphy, Raina Novak, Nico Parrish, Harmony Blevins, Aaron Landry, Kallie Everett, Arely Wood, Lee Stonehh, Larry R Garrett, Leslie D McIntosh, Vivian B King, Nancy J Red, Fei Qi Jie, Herb, Beth, Chip Larry, Alduxin, Loveless Jendras, Sara, William, Marsha Thornton, Nino SAR, Roca Ford, Willis Williams, Thomas J Settles, Margaret H Kirkland, George C Shortridge, Jean Caudill, Stephen Gladfelter, Jan Skavdahl, Sam Bowling, Linnea Fitterer, Amanda O’Mara, Lindsey Armor, David Grimes, Dawn, Ryan Miller, Drew Atlantis, Kristen, Raj, Floyd Thompson.


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We are genuinely grateful for your partnership in our mission.

Support for this project has been provided by The City of Cincinnati, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation.
Support for this project has been provided by The City of Cincinnati, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation. ArtWorks has engaged the support and input of community leaders to help guide the progress of this initiative. The advisory committee is comprised of leaders in the business, government, social welfare, and education sectors of our region.

New Monuments Advisory Committee Members:

  • Shauna Murphy, Assistant Superintendent at CPS, Office of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships and Director
  • Marin Emanuel, Multimedia Creator, ArtWorks Youth Apprentice Alum
  • Kathy Nardiello, Co-Founder and Committee member of ArtsWave Pride & Regional Manager in the Industrial Manufacturing vertical at Oracle Corporation
  • Maria Seda-Reeder, Wavepool Director of Exhibitions and Artist Support Initiatives
  • Caitlin Behle, Director of Community Leadership at Design Impact
  • William P. Umphres, Ph.D, The incoming Director of the Center for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation, Assistant Professor, Educator School of Public and International Affairs University of Cincinnati
  • Jackie Congedo, Chief Community Engagement & External Relations Officer
  • Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center
  • Rod Walton, Director of Operations at Cohear, Interim CEO
  • Dr. Gary P. Zola, Executive Director, The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives & The Edward M. Ackerman Family Distinguished Professor of the American Jewish Experience and Reform Jewish History
  • April Gallelli, Program Manager, Hamilton County Community Development
  • Jennifer Spieser, Executive Director, Cincinnati Parks Foundation
  • Michael Coppage, Conceptual Artist, & Lead artist, Black Art Speaks
  • Alandes Powell, Visionary/Co-Owner, Black Art Speaks
  • Rosie Polter, Cultural Resource Consultant