Public Art

How to Submit a Concept and Our Timeline for Review

ArtWorks invites you to fill out this partner application form if you wish to partner with us to bring a public art idea or concept to life. This is a rolling application for future projects with ArtWorks. Because of the complexity of this work, we often need significant lead time for a project to come to life—often up to a year or even more.

Timeline for Review

  • We work to build our project roster throughout the year, but ultimately finalize our plans in November for the following year.
  • We will do our best to follow-up with applications within two months of submission.

If you need assistance with the following form, please contact us at 513.333.0388 or

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ArtWorks can only work on our mission of transforming people and places through investments in creativity because of generosity of our community. If you are interested in supporting our work, learn more here.

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