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VIDEO: Reaching New Heights | GE Aviation + ArtWorks

ArtWorks brought its expertise in mural painting and community engagement to create Reaching New Heights, a new mural inside the GE Aviation complex in Evendale, celebrating GE’s commitment to active service members, veterans, and the engines that keep them safe….

Our 2021 Spring Season of Stronger Together

  Your belief in creating arts in public spaces bring us closer together and makes our community stronger. This is why we drew inspiration for our 2021 season, Stronger Together, from Calcagno Cullen’s collaborative work in Avondale, What We Need…

Get ArtWorks’ 2021 Mural and Installation Map

  At ArtWorks, we have updated our mural and installation map for 2021! This year’s edition includes murals and installations that are walkable and located in Downtown, Over-the-Rhine, Pendleton and Walnut Hills and East Walnut Hills. The map features many…