What if it is raining?

In the case of inclement weather that deems the project site unsafe, ArtWorks’ Development Coordinator will contact you by phone with the number provided at registration then she will reach out via email. Calculation due to weather will be rescheduled for a later date determined by ArtWorks.

Health Eligibility

Participants must be 16 years or older to pain due to scaffolding regulations. All participants must understand they may by up to 18 ft. in the air on scaffolding and be able to climb up and down scaffolding stairs. All participants should be aware that the project takes place outside in the July heat, humidity, and sun. Precautions should be taken such as bringing water, applying sunscreen and wearing appropriate clothing. Any health concerns should be brought to the attention of the Project Manager during the mandatory scaffolding training.

Is it Safe?

Yes! ArtWorks provides safety training along with hard hats, safety vests, and eye protection.

What should I wear?

Participants should wear a t-shirt, shorts or pants, and closed toe flat shoes (such as gym shoes). Work flats will not be allowed on scaffolding. Any person not meeting the clothing requirement will not be allowed to participate. The paint does stain clothes.

What do I do with my belongings while I paint?

ArtWorks has a locked storage unit on the project site for all valuables.

Where should I park?

Garfield Garage is the closets parking garage. Multiple lots are in the surrounding area as well as street parking.

Where should I meet the day of?

Participants should meet ArtWorks staff at the Cincinnati Public Library south building. Please enter via the Walnut street entrance between 8th and 9th Street 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Will I be painting all 2.5 hours?

No, ArtWorks will present information about ArtWorks and the project as well as the mandatory safety training. This should cover about an hour of the 2.5 hour slot.

For further questions please email deborah@artworkscincinnati.org