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What is the opportunity?

ArtWorks’ Gallery Fellowship Program, held at the V² Gallery, allows teen and young adult artists (ages 16-24) to study the materials and methods of outstanding Artists to inform the creation of their own unique and individual works of art. Programs culminate in a cohesive group exhibit with all works for sale and proceeds going directly to the participating Artists. This is a free educational program with all art-making supplies provided.

Who should apply?

This opportunity is available to Artists ages 16 – 24.

What is the cost?

Because of the generosity of ArtWorks supporters, participation in this program is free, and all participants will be supplied with materials.

Is this a paid opportunity?

To be clear, this is not a paid position. Instead, it is a free educational program culminating in a group exhibit where participants have the opportunity to earn money from the sale of art they create while participating in the ArtWorks Gallery Fellowship Program. ArtWorks will take a 10% commission fee for any work sold, but the remaining 90% of revenue from the sale will go directly to the artist who created the piece.

What are the benefits of the program?

Participants in this program will study the materials and methods of outstanding artists in a small educational setting that encourages collaboration and artistic experimentation. Using materials and time in the studio provided for free, participants will create their own unique and individual works of art which they have the opportunity to sell during their exhibition in the ArtWorks V² Gallery. Participants will also learn foundational skills about gallery exhibitions from local curators and museum partners, including how to effectively represent their art through artist statements, gallery talks, opening events, and community events.

How do I apply to the program?

In 2024, ArtWorks will offer five unique opportunities to participate in the ArtWorks Gallery Fellowship Program with each of these opportunities culminating in a distinct exhibition in the ArtWorks V² Gallery.

Applications for each opportunity will be posted here: Crafting Conversation: Art as Protest Application

The current application is for the first exhibition opportunity of 2024 – Crafting Conversation: Art as Protest led by Artist-in-Residence Ciara LeRoy.

  1. Please upload five portfolio samples as part of the application. Take time to prepare them before starting the application.
  2. Please name the uploaded files in this format: artistname_title_year_media_size. Uploaded files should be no larger than 10MB.
  3. Complete the online application
  4. ArtWorks will contact candidates no later than two weeks after the application deadline to let them know whether or not they were selected to participate in this program. 

Can I apply to each exhibit opportunity?

ArtWorks sees value in creating and collaborating with artists who are new to our programming and returning! We welcome you to apply for one or all of our opportunities in the Gallery Fellowship Program.

Need More Information?

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