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Zeitgeist: ArtWorks and Core Clay team up for Youth Artist exhibition opportunity

Photo of Alondra Biberos by Zach Asher.

The Youth Artist Exhibition Program through the ArtWorks V² Gallery presents collaborations with outstanding artists leading youth (ages 16-24) in gallery apprenticeship studios to create new works of art, guided by the artist. Youth will learn the materials and methods of the artist, making their own unique and individual works of art. A group exhibit will be the outcome of each studio with all works for sale and proceeds going directly to youth artists. Local curators and museum partners will enhance the learning with a foundational gallery exhibition curriculum for all emerging artists. Youth will represent their art through artist statements, gallery talks, opening events, and community events. Artists will host community workshops to engage with residents through art making activities during the run of each exhibit.
ArtWorks is thrilled to partner with Core Clay on a unique youth opportunity. Alondra Biberos will teach selected Youth Artists the process of exploring creativity through ceramics. Artists will be exploring through hand-built vessel work and surface decoration. The students will be able to interpret their ideas into 3D works using texture, color, and organic forms. They will gain experience showcasing their finished pieces in an exhibition, Zeitgeist, at the ArtWorks V² Gallery and have the opportunity to speak publicly about their work.

About the Artist:

Alondra Biberos is an artist at a transitional point in her career. She was born and raised in
Twin Falls, Idaho in 1996. She is the youngest of nine and was a first-generation college
student. She graduated in 2019 from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor in Fine Art with an
emphasis in sculpture and ceramics. Alondra spent the past three years working in the service
industry by day and working in her studio by night. She was accepted into the Core Clay
Residency in 2022 where she currently teaches a hand-building class and works as a studio

She loves making midsize sculptures often incorporating the structure of human forms and
household objects. Surrealism has always been one of her favorite genres and inspires the work
she creates. The narrative she likes to work with is witty comebacks, satire, and puns.

Learning Objectives:

  • Youth will be introduced to and develop a basic skill set of working with clay. The instructor shall demonstrate construction techniques using slabs, pinch pots, and coils.
  • Youth will develop the skills they need to explore surface decoration with slips and glazes. The instructor shall demonstrate how to incorporate texture and dimension using these materials.
  • Youth will learn the value of practicing non-attachment to their work. The instructor will help the students maintain a positive attitude and reinforce the benefits of the practice.
  • Youth will develop a competent understanding of how to use studio equipment and the importance of studio clean-up. The instructor shall go over safety measures.
  • Youth will develop observation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The instructor will assist with process-based issues and initiate a soft critique for conceptual assistance if needed.
  • Youth will develop a practice for writing and talking about their work. The instructor shall invite a creative writing professional to assist them during class time.


Core Clay
1912 Hudson Ave
Norwood, OH 45212

Gallery Opening & Exhibition Dates:

    • Opening date: February 24, 2023
    • Closing date: April 14, 2023

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