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Applications for 2018 youth Apprentice and Teaching Staff positions are closed!

ArtWorks hires youth (ages 14-21) and emerging and professional artists as well as art educators to work as Teaching Staff on public art projects. Teaching Staff are employed to mentor and manage youth Apprentices to produce high-quality works of art. ArtWorks projects are public and most are in the visual arts.

ArtWorks’ programs emphasize team-teaching. The ratio of Professional Artists to youth Apprentices is small, typically 1:4 for hands-on learning. As in traditional apprenticeships, Professional Artists lead the project design and are greatly involved in the artistic outcome so that youth Apprentices learn specific skills and techniques. Each project will have a Project Manager and a support staff made up of Teaching Artists. Each member of the teaching team is required to lead by example and model professionalism to the youth Apprentices through conduct, attitude, attendance and punctuality and to perform all assigned tasks with integrity and a positive work ethic.

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