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Under the guidance, mentorship, and supervision of professional artists, Mural Studio Artists ages 18 – 24 years old have the unique opportunity to develop skills in mural design, client management, and production.

This comprehensive employment program offers emerging artists a start-to-finish mural-making experience, ensuring a thorough understanding of all aspects of the process and building a solid skill base for real-world application. The curriculum includes both in-studio and on-site training, enabling artists to lead the management of murals after mastering the foundational steps.

Ultimately, this program aims to guide Mural Studio Artists through a transformative journey of skill development, professional growth, and personal enrichment, preparing them for successful careers in the arts and beyond.


How can I learn more about becoming a Studio Artist?
Learn more about what it’s like to be an ArtWorks Studio Artist and how to apply by attending an information session. Applicants, educators, and community members are all welcome to attend. The next information session will take place on Monday, November 20 from 6-7 p.m. at ArtWorks main office, located at 2460 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206. If you cannot attend in person, a virtual option is also available – click here to join the information session via Microsoft Teams. Please RSVP by emailing



  • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to create murals, including design, execution, and best practices in mural production.
  • Develop expertise in client relationship management, including professional communication, project scope definition, pricing, and budget development.
  • Improve communication practices such as listening, feedback, oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to enhance collaboration with colleagues, clients, and partners.
  • Become a proficient leader of mural projects, taking charge of project planning, delegation, and ensuring timely and successful project outcomes.
  • Develop a clear career map with defined next steps and objectives, providing a roadmap for future professional success.
  • Create a polished and professional portfolio showcasing your artistic work and progress as a muralist, ready for presentation to potential clients and employers.
  • Craft a comprehensive resume and compelling cover letter that highlight your skills, experience, and unique talents, increasing your prospects for career opportunities.
  • Increase the number of mentors and professional contacts within the creative field, offering a broader support network for guidance and advice.


Program & Employment Commitment:

  • Year-long commitment divided into three semesters:
    • Spring (January – May)
    • Summer (June – August)
    • Fall (September – December).
  • Flexible schedule, 10 – 18 hours per week. Mural Studio Artists must set availability within this range at the start of each semester.
  • Mandatory attendance at weekly meetings and trainings every Friday (Spring and Fall) and every Wednesday (Summer):
    • 12 Career Growth Class Sessions. Held once a month from 2-6pm.
    • 12 Studio Visits. Held once a month from 2-3pm.
    • 24 Mural Studio Meetings & Trainings. Held twice a month from 2-4pm.
    • Bi-weekly 1:1 Check-Ins, Mentorship, and Coaching with Mural Studio Manager


Mural Production & Project Management Curriculum:
The program includes a structured mural production and project management curriculum covering all aspects from initial communication to project completion. Curriculum modules include, but are not limited to:

Introduction to Mural Making: Learn and apply the basics of painting and mural thinking, including color mixing, filtering, and brush cleaning.

Mural Making: Learn different brush strokes, recognizing layers, and planning a mural.

Design: Learn and apply what makes a great mural design, and how color creates depth, movement, and hierarchy.

Back End of Mural Making: Learn and apply administrative proficiency and organization, understand budgets, client communications, and lead a project with best practices.

Career Building: Develop a resume and networking skills, uniquely highlighting your skills as a muralist or artist.

Career Readiness Curriculum: The program offers a career readiness curriculum designed to equip emerging artists with essential skills for success in the creative industry. Curriculum modules include, but are not limited to:

Career Pathways: Discover different avenues in the creative world and chart your path.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, And Belonging: Learn about the crucial principles of diversity and inclusion and how it applies to the work place.

Budgeting: Gain financial literacy and learn the basics of excel for managing your creative projects.

Marketing: Master the art of self-promotion.

Mental Health: Understand and prioritize your well-being in a demanding and competitive world.

Creating Your Business: Learn the basics of entrepreneurship in the arts.

Wellness Retreat: Invest in self-care and wellness to maintain your creative energy.

Networking and Creative Opportunities: Build valuable connections in the creative industry.

Work-Life balance and Self-Management: Balance your artistic career and personal life effectively.

Grant Writing: Secure funding for your creative projects.

Effective and Professional Communication with Clients: Communicate and collaborate effectively with partners in the creative field.

Personal Financial Literacy: Develop a solid understanding of personal financial management to support your career in the arts.

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