Public Art

#5: We Are Walnut Hills

This mural, in partnership with the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation and BLDG, titled “#5: We Are Walnut Hills / 5 Points Alley” is the final marker in a series of way-finding murals that connects five different works of art and alleys in the newly restored Five Points Alley in Walnut Hills. BLDG commissioned five designers to create the distinct gateways to the new 5 Points Alley park. Scottish designer and installation artist Morag Myerscough was chosen to create the largest mural marking the 5th entry point to the park and gateway to the Peebles Corner Business District. 

Morag Myerscough
2429 Gilbert Avenue

Thomas Osario & Rachel Linnemann

Phoenix Brown, Giselle Coleman, Danielle Freeman, Megan Grafe, Ruby Krimmer, Ozzie McEachin, Abbey Smart, Evan Strasburger, Katelan Thomas, Antonio Wooten Jr.

In partnership with The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation & BLDG

American Scaffolding | Wooster | BLDG | Casto Properties | LISC | Neyer Properties | Walnut Hills Redevelopment Corporation | The Charles H. Dater Foundation | 2016 Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign Contributors | ArtWorks Board of Trustees

Jenny Ustick