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The Hands that Built Our City

In Partnership with the City of Cincinnati & Duke Energy Convention Center. The Duke Energy Convention Center welcomes thousands of visitors each year and wants them all to know they’re in Cincinnati, a historically creative and industrious ... Read more

Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon

In Partnership with Cincinnati Nature Center. Martha, the last passenger pigeon, lived out her last days at the Cincinnati Zoo. Despite efforts to save what was once the most numerous bird species in America, Martha died in 1914. Almost one hundred ... Read more

Energy and Grace

In Partnership with Art Academy of Cincinnati. Since moving to Over-the-Rhine in 2005, the Art Academy of Cincinnati has been essential to the neighborhood’s transformation. To celebrate the school’s commitment to reviving this historic ... Read more

Guardians of the City

In Partnership with Cincinnati Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 48. April 1, 2013 marked the 160th anniversary of the Cincinnati Fire Department, the first fully paid professional fire department in the nation. This mural honors that treasured local ... Read more

Pendleton Mapped

In Partnership with Pendleton Art Center. This life-sized street map of Pendleton tells the 200-year story of a neighborhood within a city, dating back to 1803. The colored architecture shown still exists, including the former School for Creative ... Read more

Kentucky Natural History

In Partnership with Kerry Collision Center & City of Covington. This mural features symbols of Kentucky’s diverse wildlife and rich natural history, with many Kentucky State symbols represented. From left to right, beginning on Fifth Street and ... Read more

Ode to North Avondale

In Partnership with North Avondale Business Association & North Avondale Neighborhood Association. Rich with history and diversity, North Avondale has been described as “a beautiful piece of heaven in the middle of the city…a place where you ... Read more

The Migration of Tradition

In Partnership with Rookwood Pottery. Rookwood Pottery is dedicated to preserving the creativity, innovation and craftsmanship that have defined the company since 1880. From left to right, this bird is formed first by tiles from Rookwood’s ... Read more

No Place Like Home

In Partnership with Tender Mercies. This mural is a tribute to items that many take for granted but are hugely important to the impoverished and homeless, including those Tender Mercies serves. The life-sized door in the middle conveys a sense of ... Read more

Licking River Greenway and Trails Murals

In Partnership with Vision 2015. This series of seventeen murals celebrates the Licking River, its ecosystems and the people who enjoy its beauty. This is part of a series of 17 overall murals designs inspired by the idea of energy—the energy of ... Read more

Homecoming (Blue Birds)

Charley Harper, one of Cincinnati’s most accomplished and celebrated artists, studied and taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. It was there he met his wife Edie and they continued to make Cincinnati their home, starting a family and sharing an ... Read more

Fresh Harvest

This mural brings the essence of farming to a monumental scale. Inspired by the power of classical European paintings, the design shows dramatically lit produce on the verge of spilling out of a crate, fresh from the field.  The vibrant colors and ... Read more

The Wall of Education

The original Wall of Education, designed and painted in the late 1970s by Joyce Young, Gilbert Young and a team of students, was a vivid and colorful mural celebrating the lives and talents of Cincinnati’s diverse youth and disciplines of ... Read more

Along the Hill

This mural depicts the historical development of West Price Hill by integrating both natural elements and the architectural details of local landmarks. The image shows the transitions from the pre-historic era with fossils of the Ohio River Valley ... Read more

Oakley: Morning, Noon, and Night

This mural celebrates the friendly and vibrant atmosphere of Oakley and its culture. This triptych invites the viewer to be a part of life in Oakley, sharing the moments throughout the day , morning, noon and night.   In partnership with ... Read more

The Golden Muse

This mural features a figurine from an 18th century mantle clock in the Taft Museum of Art's collection.  Encompassing the entire wall, the figure becomes a mythological music muse as the notes to Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man ... Read more

Garden Party at the Taft

This mural brings together many masterpieces from the Taft Museum of Art's collection including Rembrandt Van Rijn's Portrait of a Man Rising from his Chair, A World of Their Own by Lawrence Alma Tadema, Mrs. John Weyland and her Son John by Joshua ... Read more

Covington Vision 2015 (Phase 1)

Created by local artists, this series of murals was inspired by the idea of energy and the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. The many aspects of energy displayed through the murals include the energy of ... Read more

The Village We Call Home

These murals were inspired by the best of Evendale: its people and its landscape.  The mural of portraits features a cross-section of people from the Evendale community expressing their shared joy and friendliness.   Evendale residents ... Read more

The Roots of Vision

This mural is an ode to the rich history and mythology that surrounds Mount Adams, the neighborhood that was formerly known as Mt. Ida. The mural uses a combination of colorful Rookwood tile and vibrant paint to honor the visionaries that founded, ... Read more

Philosopher’s Bone

Long before Plato offered his sage notion, “Life must be lived as play,” our canine friends had mastered the lesson. Every piece of this mural celebrates the gift of play that our dogs give us every day.  From the chew toy donning pups with box ... Read more

The Avondale Pride Mural

This mural is a celebration of the Avondale neighborhood, its colorful history and represents hopes and aspirations of local youth.  The overall image is a map of the neighborhood, showing the architecture, churches, houses, and family. ... Read more

The Cobbler’s Apprentice Plays Ball

This mural was inspired by one of Cincinnati’s most treasured painters Frank Duveneck and one of his most beloved paintings, “The Cobbler’s Apprentice.”  The artists reinterpreted the original painting with a twist by adding a baseball bat, ... Read more

A Perfect Day in College Hill

College Hill boasts some of the earliest weather-tracking systems in the nation and this mural honors that prominent history. The weathervanes represent elements that make College Hill a unique neighborhood, most notably from left to right: The ... Read more

Sunset Walk through Helentown

Painted in trompe l’oiel style, this mural is a warm and welcoming extension of the Helentown community. Real houses, foliage, and pets inspired the view of a friendly neighborhood street, creating a visual harmony and rhythm of the surrounding ... Read more

Northern Kentucky Panorama

This mural design is a visual journey through Northern Kentucky from the Roebling Suspension Bridge and Covington cityscape to vast fields and farmlands, paying tribute to Northern Kentucky’s diverse people and places. The color palette is ... Read more

Cincinnati’s Table

This mural boasts a surreal composition, made up of delicacies, food, and fantastical imagery. Inspired by Dutch still life's, the mural is full of over-the-top detail and pays tribute to the culinary arts! Flying pigs complete the scene, bringing ... Read more

Hamilton Waterways, Past and Present

This mural is a visual salute to the monumental role the Great Miami River has played in the industrial and cultural history of Hamilton and features images of the river at work and play. The mural is comprised of historic photographs and news ... Read more

A Tribute to Newport

This work celebrates the rich history, culture and geography of the City of Newport. Prominent Newport citizens are featured amongst a lush display of flora and fauna native to the area. Left to right: An image from Kensington Art Tile, a ... Read more

Main Street Collages

This is the first of a series of three murals between 13th St. and Liberty St. inspired by and building upon the cultural vibrancy of Main St. This first mural of stacked buildings was inspired by architecture found in OTR and represents a ... Read more

Learn, Play and Grow

This mural celebrates cultural and educational activity in Over-the-Rhine. The diverse community in OTR creates opportunities for exchange of ideas, mentorship and collaboration. The abundance of urban community gardens inspire beauty and create a ... Read more

The Winds of the Ridge

The communities of Pleasant Ridge and Kennedy Heights partnered to bring this mural to life. A whimsical, winding path that is central to the composition is symbolic of Ridge Road which connects these communities. A suggestion of energetic movement ... Read more

The Singing Mural

This mural is a fantastic ode to the Queen City’s rich arts and cultural legacy. Designed by nationally renowned artist and Cincinnati resident C. F. Payne, this cast of characters represents the community coming together in celebration of the ... Read more

The Divine Proportion of All Things

This mural celebrates the bounty of the land and interconnected elements of life: water, earth and air which symbolize how a community depends on each other to live in harmony. The mural comes alive with rich color, achieved by layering glazes of ... Read more

Riverside Rides

This mural is a celebration of Eastern Avenue as a transportation thoroughfare that has made the neighborhood what it is today. From trains to streetcars and tall stacks to classic cars, East End’s heritage shines. Thanks to the Pendleton ... Read more

Ice Cream Daydream

This fantastical mural brings youthful energy and vibrancy to the district of Over-the-Rhine. A love for color and candy awaken the imagination where a diamond sun rains strawberries on a dessert-filled garden. Thanks to Eden Floral Boutique.

All You Can Imagine Is Real

Resting upon North Fairmount’s history and surroundings, two larger-than-life portraits stand to represent the diverse community, the elders and the youth. Together they open pages of a book to a bright image of the sun illuminating a path to a ... Read more

A Day in the Life of Sayler Park

Sayler Park prides itself on its small town atmosphere, with deep family and community ties and unique architectural and natural beauty. This mural is designed like a scrapbook honoring past and present life in Sayler Park. In partnership with ... Read more

Westwood Story

Westwood is a story of people. This mural highlights key neighborhood residents from different time periods with native trees dividing each: a Shawnee Native American, Phillip Longworth, James Gamble, and a teacher and two youth representing ... Read more

Willkommen to Clifton Heights

This mural celebrates the ongoing preservation and revitalization of Clifton Heights, one of Cincinnati’s most diverse and unique urban communities. Iconic structures and scenes like Old St. George, Hughes High School and blooming Bradford pear ... Read more

Bridging Tusculum

This mural celebrates Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood and its stunning architecture. The color and style, inspired by the “Painted Ladies” and their ornate flourishes, are surrounded by the natural beauty of the nearby hills and ... Read more

An Epic of Time and Town

Designed like pages of a storybook, each panel of this mural illustrates the people and places of Covington. Children explore various art forms in the company of Covington’s historic figures, residents and mischievous, colorful animals who lead ... Read more

What Are the Lyrics to Your Song?

Drawing from the unique history of Evanston, this mural honors the history of King Records and hopes to inspire today's youth. The mural's imagery, a man and a young girl on his shoulders, embodies the empowering history of the community and the ... Read more

The Raymond Thunder-Sky Legacy Mural

This mural was designed by Antonio Adams as a tribute to Raymond Thunder-Sky, known as the colorful construction clown who traveled around the city with his hard hat and tool box filled with art supplies. Raymond was a self-taught artist who visited ... Read more

Daybreak in O’Bryonville

An abundance of flowers and green space fill this mural with a garden-like elegance inspired by nearby Owl’s Nest Park. Painted in an Art Nouveau style, this mural transforms a once empty space into one filled with beauty and color. Thanks ... Read more

Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat

This mural features a true Cincinnati original, Jim Tarbell, dressed as Peanut Jim Shelton, the peanut vendor who famously served his customers wearing a tuxedo and top hat at the old Crosley Field and Riverfront Stadium. Here, Mr. Tarbell is ... Read more

The Vision of Samuel Hannaford

A portrait of Samuel Hannaford rests on blueprints symbolic of his architectural legacy in the City of Cincinnati. Through the window, past the balcony of this building, designed by Hannaford himself, is a view of his prominent landmarks Music ... Read more

Pride in the ‘Ville

This mural opens a series of windows into the South Cumminsville community, illuminating values of family, tradition and neighborhood pride. The vibrant colors and magical design celebrate local people and places with an energy and commitment to a ... Read more

The Dreamers of Dreams

This mural celebrates the close knit community that exists in Lower Price Hill. Along the bottom of the mural many hands stretch upward supporting their neighborhood. The quote signifies the community’s power to create a hopeful future.

Campy Washington

This is one of Cincinnati’s most original murals! It is a tongue-in-cheek play on the name of this neighborhood. What could be campier than Washington in full colonial regalia inspired by the nearby theatrical costume shop? This mural celebrates ... Read more

A Postcard from Home

This mural is a nostalgic look at Carthage through the view of an old postcard where each letter tells a story of Carthage’s celebrated history, honoring local landmarks and heroes. The imagery intends to be warm and welcoming to all.

What’s Happening Downtown

This mural speaks to the vibrancy of the Downtown community, where larger-than-life figures peer outside their windows to see what’s happening in the City around them. Architectural details are inspired by actual lintels and sills found in ... Read more

East Walnut Hills Legacy

This mural adds to the ongoing revitalization and preservation of East Walnut Hills. Imagery and color schemes alternate to create visual interest and highlight historical photos of the neighborhood. The photos are presented in sepia and juxtapose ... Read more

Over-the-Rhine: Into its Renaissance

This mural is inspired by architectural details, landmarks and the community spirit found in Over-the-Rhine. Incorporated into the design are working hands, painting and planting - representing a growing and diverse community.

Spring Through Time

This mural is a bold and colorful accent to Spring Grove Village, a community well known for Spring Grove cemetery, nearby greenhouses, proximity to the Mill Creek and a longstanding commitment to beautification!

Riverside Vineyard

This is ArtWorks’ first landscape mural! The mural was inspired by a Godfrey Frankenstein painting at the Cincinnati Art Museum, portraying a scenic river valley landscape connecting Downtown to the natural beauty of this region. Decommissioned ... Read more

On the Shoulders of Giants

This mural honors the tradition and legacy of service from the Cincinnati and Hamilton County police forces. The West facing wall is inspired by a historic image of a police officer with his sidekick, the first ever Cincinnati police dog.

Jubilant Rhythms of Roselawn

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Thanks to Chuck ... Read more

The Face of the Arts

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Fifth Third ... Read more

Canal at Vine Street Circa 1900

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley, Co-Trustees Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Thanks ... Read more

Dottin’ the Hill

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation, Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Fifth Third ... Read more

The Scribe, the Fish, and the Sea

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Fifth Third ... Read more

A Window to the Past: A Reflection of Ludlow

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Fifth Third ... Read more

Heart of the Community

MuralWorks Public Art by ArtWorks Presented by UBS With support from City of Cincinnati P&G The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Fifth Third Bank and Narley L. Haley Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts Fifth Third ... Read more

Natural Migration

This mural draws inspiration from the neighborhood’s dedication to growth and abundant green spaces. With a pride in local architecture and its unique place within the City, this mural welcomes all to East Price Hill.

Northside Bloom

This mural embodies Northside’s vitality with an energetic display of flowers bursting across space. The composition is organic and emphasizes the original brick of this historic building referencing the value of both the old and the new.

Love Blooms

In partnership with the City of Reading. This mural marks the eastern entrance of the famous Reading Bridal District, the largest bridal district in North America.  Blending traditional handcrafted wedding lace patterns with a bold graphic style, ... Read more

Tom Wesselmann, Still Life #60

The fourth mural in ArtWorks' Cincinnati Masters mural series, which celebrates the talents of internationally recognized artists from the Cincinnati area, shows Tom Wesselmann's Still Life #60, a billboard sized still life painting, composed of ... Read more

Heroes in Color

In partnership with Crayons to Computers.  This whimsical and engaging mural symbolically represents the educational mission of Crayons to Computers.  A large red crayon appears to splatter and break through the wall next to a boy in a ... Read more

The Cincinnati Strong Man: Henry Holtgrewe

In partnership with 3CDC & Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce. This mural celebrates Henry Holtgrewe, one of Cincinnati's most colorful characters.  A German immigrant, local entrepreneur, and resident of OTR, Henry was touted as the ... Read more

Growing Community Connections

In partnership with Fay Limited Partnership. This mural illustrates the vitality and community lifestyle found within the Villages at Roll Hill.  The sprawling landscape represents the green nature of the architectural renovations while the ... Read more

Charley Harper’s Beguiled by the Wild

In partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  This series of 18 murals spans the career of Charley Harper, celebrated Cincinnati artist.  Harper, who studied and taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, is best known for his ... Read more

Shining Seas

In partnership with Newport Aquarium.  This visual celebration of the sea's beautiful and diverse wildlife commemorates Newport Aquarium's 15th Anniversary.  At the east end, a giant sand tiger shark swims casually among fish, coral and sea ... Read more


In partnership with the Brewery District Community Redevelopment Corporation.  Inspired by Cincinnati's rich brewing history and undeniable resurgence, this mural celebrates the contribution beer-making has made to the development of our City ... Read more

Boys Hope Girls Hope

East View This view represents the stages of progress and development each child receives as part of the Boys Hope Girls Hope family. From left to right, we see children growing up, being educated, and graduating, ready to “unlock” their ... Read more

Brewing Heritage: Grain to Glass

"Grain to Glass" celebrates Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and honors the people, past and present, who have worked to support it. The story of a seemingly simple glass of beer unfolds from left to right highlighting each step of the process, ... Read more

Mr. Dynamite

James Brown is regarded as one of the most iconic and influential musicians of the 20th century. Brown spent the formative years of his career on the Cincinnati-based King Records label producing some of his earliest hits and providing inspiration ... Read more

The Queen Shares

As part of the 2015 ArtWorks CincyInk project, this mural is a permanent love letter to the Queen City and all who call her home. Sourced from the beautiful voices of over 1,000 participants, the poem Seven Hills and a Queen to Name Them was crafted ... Read more

The Spirit of Progress

“The Spirit of Progress” is a mural created to bring a visual representation of the existing pride of past, present, and future of the Evanston community. Bold colors and effortless composition depict themes of hope, education, spirit, growth, ... Read more

Ezzard Charles: The Cincinnati Cobra

Ezzard Charles, known as the “Cincinnati Cobra”, was a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, jazz musician and widely respected citizen of Cincinnati. Born in Georgia in 1921, Charles came to Cincinnati at the age of nine to live with his ... Read more

Dawn is Coming: Open Your Eyes

The Justice Center Mural is a story portraying the triumph of the human spirit. The piece was designed in tandem with John Wedge, a returning citizen who, with the help of the Re-Entry program of Hamilton County, transformed his life.  From left to ... Read more

Cheers to Cincy, Past and Present!

“Cheers to Cincy, Past and Present!” raises a glass to Cincinnati’s contemporary beer culture. Figures of King Gambrinus, European folk hero and beer aficionado, and Cincinnati’s own Genius of Water, toast the City’s beer making tradition ... Read more


Cleverly integrated within the architectural niches of the Duke Energy Charles Street electric substation, this mural is composed of six beautifully painted antique lightbulbs; these nostalgic focal points allude to the identity of the building ... Read more

Self-Portrait, Elizabeth Nourse

Elizabeth Nourse was a Cincinnati native from Mt. Healthy, and a graduate of the McMicken School of Design, now known as the Art Academy of Cincinnati. After completing her education, Nourse was offered a teaching position at the art school, but did ... Read more

To Oakley with Love

The buildings, trees, people, and icons in this mural reflect the history and culture of Oakley, a small town in a big city, home to a fresh and friendly community. The background of the mural hints to a paper grocery bag in color and texture, and ... Read more

#5: We Are Walnut Hills

This mural, in partnership with the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation and BLDG, titled “#5: We Are Walnut Hills / 5 Points Alley” is the final marker in a series of way-finding murals that connects five different works of art and alleys in ... Read more


Astronaut Neil Armstrong is the subject of this mural located on Fifth Third Bank Headquarters, in the heart of Cincinnati’s Central Business District. The work of art was created by world-famous Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, who ... Read more

Locks, Docks, and Barrels

Central Parkway was once the site of the Miami and Erie Canal. It's southern terminus was the Ohio River at Cincinnati. It continued through downtown and northward into the western towns and cities of Ohio before reaching its terminus at Toledo and ... Read more

Riverfront Rise

This mural was created in partnership with the Duke Energy Convention Center and like many of our installations at the Convention Center, this one continued the theme of “Cincinnati” and “The River”. The work of art showcases the Cincinnati ... Read more

We Need Education Not Violence

This mural was created in partnership with Christ Church Cathedral and is meant to capture the attention of the city and its citizens and serves as a large scale response to the issue of gun violence. It is intended to promote conversations on how ... Read more

Me and You. You and Me.

ArtWorks and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center (KHAC) partnered to create a mixed-media mural on the façade of Kennedy Heights’ new Lindner Annex. This whimsical mural draws on the work of resident KHAC artist, Casey Millard, and aims to inspire ... Read more

New Lines

ArtWorks partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) to create a series of 12 small murals in the area of Over-the-Rhine bordered by Main, 13th, Sycamore and Liberty Streets. Murals were strategically curated to introduce colorful contemporary ... Read more

Prost to Cincinnati Installation Series

Cincinnati has a brewing heritage that overflows with rich traditions, history and pride – all of which are celebrated in this installation series that joins three other large-scale murals along Cincinnati’s Brewery Heritage Trail. In ... Read more


This mural was created in partnership with Cincinnati's Rhinegeist Brewery and showcases the beauty of the brewing process.

Swing Around Rosie

**Due to construction this mural is mostly obstructed**   Adding to the Cincinnati Legends Series, ArtWorks partnered with the Cincinnati Enquirer to give power to their readers to elect the subject of the first female legend to be ... Read more

Cincinnati Toy Heritage

Cincinnati’s rich toy history is celebrated on Towne Properties' building on West Court Street. The legacy of Kenner Toys, a Cincinnati-based toy company founded in 1947, is documented in this work of art which showcases some of the most popular ... Read more

Little Nemo in Slumberland

Winsor McCay’s famous comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland, now adorns a downtown Cincinnati building and is a 2016 addition to the Cincinnati Masters Mural Series. McCay was a well-known American cartoonist and animator and in 1891 he moved ... Read more

Little Sure Shot

ArtWorks partnered with Voltage Furniture to celebrate Annie Oakley in the neighborhood where she grew up, Oakley! Before going on to travel the world, Annie Oakley (born Phoebe Mosely) spent time in this Cincinnati neighborhood. Known as "Little ... Read more

That’s My Dad – “That’s Somebody Else’s Dad” & “Hundreds of Feet”

These murals celebrate the work of iconic British illustrator Ralph Steadman.  Steadman is best known for his collaborations with American author and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.  Some may be surprised to know that he has also written and ... Read more

Rookwood Revival

This mural project provides a destination and landmark on The Rookwood Pottery Company property to draw people off of the streetcar, and out of their cars, to stop and enjoy what the Findlay Market neighborhood as to offer. This west-facing mural ... Read more

Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt

Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt honors the accomplished life and career of Cincinnati Master artist, Edie Harper. Edie was born in 1922 in Kansas City and relocated to Cincinnati in the 1930s when her father took a job with Procter & Gamble, the place ... Read more


These murals celebrate the work of iconic British illustrator Ralph Steadman.  Steadman is best known for his collaborations with American author and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Democracy! (featured in the north-facing mural) was ... Read more

The Buzz Around Town

In honor of Scripps National Spelling Bee’s 90th anniversary, ArtWorks produced a mural to honor and reflect the Cincinnati-based program’s mission and spirit, celebrating what has made this international event so meaningful.  The mural ... Read more

Camp Razzle

ArtWorks collaborated with Wave Pool Gallery and San Francisco-based artist Christian Davies to create Cincinnati's first refugee-inspired, co-created mural. The mural, inspired by his mother’s American quilt patterns, merges traditional fabric ... Read more

Faces of Homelessness

This mural, created in partnership with Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, was part of a larger public art and awareness project led by ArtWorks and Strategies to End Homelessness. The Faces of Homelessness project sought to use the power of art to ... Read more

Dream Big and Fly High

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon in 2018, Bob and Jeanne Coughlin, in association with Paycor and the Flying Pig Marathon, partnered with ArtWorks to create a mural in a prominent location in Downtown Cincinnati.  The ... Read more

East Price Hill Mural Series

ArtWorks partnered with Price Hill Will to lead a series of murals that celebrate the culturally rich and diverse Cincinnati neighborhood of East Price Hill. The heritage of this community includes Appalachian, German, Guatemalan, Irish, and Italian ... Read more

It Is Possible, A Celebration of Susan O’Malley’s Life and Work

Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses and ArtWorks partnered to create this mural, featuring the powerful and positive text-based art of internationally recognized artist, Susan O'Malley. ArtWorks employed a team of eight local Youth Apprentices, ... Read more


Wildlife, nature, and Mother Earth have always made Springfield Township special, but a focus on the arts and how they complement the township's rich natural history helped reshape this community's identity. ArtsConnect and ArtWorks partnered to ... Read more

Avondale Heroes

Powered by the NEP and PIVOT initiative, Avondale residents asked the City of Cincinnati, the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio and ArtWorks to create this mural in celebration of heroes in Avondale. Lead designer and former Avondale ... Read more

Avondale Pride: We Rise from the Ashes

The Community Builders and ArtWorks partnered to bring a series of three murals to the new Avondale Town Center. Cedric Michael Cox, who designed the former Avondale Pride mural at the previous Town Center, designed the new installations inspired by ... Read more

Fiona and Bibi at the Cincinnati Zoo

This inaugural Paints-by-Numbers' mural features Cincinnati's beloved Fiona the hippo at her home in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. This piece is a visual celebration of Fiona, whose survival story captured the heart of the Cincinnati ... Read more

Dreaming Blues

Mamie Smith—a legend, icon and Cincinnati native—was the first-ever African American blues recording artist. In celebration of her remarkable contributions to the American sound of rhythm and blues and her significant place in Cincinnati’s ... Read more

New Lines Phase II: Bolivar Alley

New Lines is a series of artworks that aims to bring attention and appreciation to the unique alleyway systems that exist within Cincinnati's urban core. This summer, ArtWorks is excited to create an ambitious series of murals in the neighborhood of ... Read more

REFUGE: Waves to Wellness

The Academy of World Languages (AWL), Cincinnati Public Schools, the Community Learning Center Institute and ArtWorks partnered to create this mural as a welcoming beacon on the side of the AWL Wellness Center. AWL is a Preschool-8th grade citywide ... Read more

The Early Bird

Saturday Hoops partnered with ArtWorks to create this mural in celebration of the vibrancy and resilience of Saturday Hoops participants and their families. Founded by Ed Berg in 2004, Saturday Hoops is a volunteer-run program of the Cincinnati ... Read more

All In This Story Together

The Village of Silverton and ArtWorks partnered to employ a team of five local Youth Apprentices led by a local Teaching Artist—creating the first Silverton community mural to serve as a gateway marker for the Village. This work, designed by ... Read more

Expression Explosion

Visionaries + Voices (V+V) partnered with ArtWorks to create this mural as a project designed to build a more inclusive community through creative collaboration between ArtWorks and V+V Artists, artists with and without disabilities working ... Read more


This commemorative mural celebrates the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati in its 125th anniversary and pays tribute to the 19 local women who banded together one vision of making their own way in pursuit of art. To celebrate this milestone, local ... Read more

It’s Your Thing

ArtWorks partnered with Bartlett Wealth Management to bring to life a mural that celebrates the work of Cincinnati-born musical legends the Isley Brothers. Inspired by one of the group’s most beloved recordings from the 1960s, “It’ Your ... Read more

Endangered Species Mural Project: Indiana Bat

"Just as nature inspires art, art inspires actions to defend wild places and the wild creatures that live in them." With this in mind, the Center for Biological Diversity's Endangered Species Mural Project works with artists, scientists, and ... Read more

Pool Queue

This mural represents the vibrancy of the community surrounding Ziegler Pool in Over-the-Rhine. Designed by Cincinnati-based artist, Andrew Neyer, the design depicts animals of all kinds coming together to play, swim, relax and sunbathe. The ... Read more

Connected Through the Generations

In celebration of their 150th anniversary, YWCA Greater Cincinnati partnered with ArtWorks to create a large-scale mural honoring this major milestone. Lead Teaching Artist Rebecca Nava, Teaching Artists Mark Hanavan and Prince Lang, led a team of ... Read more

Visionary Reality Threshold

In partnership with the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), ArtWorks brought internationally renowned contemporary artist, Saya Woolfalk, to Cincinnati, to create a new mural alongside her 2019 exhibition at the CAC. Lead Teaching Artist Paul Loehle ... Read more

A Song of Freedom

In partnership with the Avondale Community, ArtWorks has created public art works to reflect community traditions, stories and culture, and provide employment opportunities for neighborhood residents. This mural is a tribute to the life and legacy ... Read more

Alive with History

In partnership with Symmes Township, ArtWorks has transformed a community park maintenance building into a work of art. A reflection of the community itself, this mural celebrates Symmes and all that it offers its residents and visitors. Designed ... Read more

Wall of Queens

Wall of Queens honors the Queen City with seven large-scale portraits of proud women of color. Representing the “Seven Hills” of Cincinnati, these Ohio residents span in age from childhood to mature adulthood, and are depicted as modern-day ... Read more


This mural is the first ArtWorks mural to incorporate light as a major component in the design. Comissioned by 84.51 to celebrate and represent the spirit of their work, ArtWorks engaged local artist and designer Chase Melendez to create this bold, ... Read more

Mother’s Bouquet

Mother's Bouquet was designed and painted by Detroit-based artist Louise “Ouizi” Jones (formerly Chen). Ouizi is a painter, best known for her large scale floral mural installations which can be seen in public spaces throughout the United ... Read more

The Ripple of Ralph

The Ripple of Ralph features a modern portrait of the late great Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Haile was a banker in Cincinnati for over 20 years who always felt the strong desire to give back to the community he loved, Covington. He was paramount in the ... Read more

New Lines Phase III

ArtWorks partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to continue our mural series, New Lines, for a third phase which aims to create density among Phase I artwork, while simultaneously expanding the project footprint east, west, and south in ... Read more

Black Excellence in Zone 15

ArtWorks was proud to partner with The Heights Movement, the village of Lincoln Heights, and ArtsWave on Black Excellence in Zone 15. Lincoln Heights is the first self-governing African American community above the Mason-Dixon Line and has a rich ... Read more


ArtWorks painted a new mural as part of the public art exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) in partnership with Science Museum of Minnesota. This interactive mural, YOU ARE HERE, allows museum-goers the opportunity to become mural designers ... Read more

Time Saved vs. Time Served

ArtWorks painted a mural that celebrates and uplifts women who are returning citizens, who have previously been incarcerated. This mural depicts women living in our community who have returned home, became leaders and sought to break down the stigma ... Read more

Together We Win

ArtWorks added a new work of public art to the East Walnut Hills neighborhood in partnership with St. Francis de Sales School in summer 2020. Local artist Brandon Hawkins designed his first community mural and led a team of five Youth Apprentices to ... Read more

Electric Avenue

ArtWorks activated the Wasson Way trail with a largescale public mural in summer 2020. The mural beautifies a wall on the Duke Energy complex in Oakley and infusing color and organic forms to complement the natural environment along the trail. The ... Read more

Make Every Block Better Mural

H&R Block and Next Door announced Make Every Block Better, a nationwide competition to uplift communities and connect neighbors. Long-time Walnut Hills resident Gary Dangel nominated Walnut Hills and the neighborhood was selected as one of 2,000 ... Read more

Heart & Soul

FotoFocus Cincinnati awarded ArtWorks with a grant to create a photo-based project this summer after the cancelation of the biennial. ArtWorks called upon photographer Nikita Gross to lead a team of eight Youth Apprentices to create the inspiring ... Read more

Reaching New Heights

Local artist and designer Christian Dallas and one Youth Apprentice completed Reaching New Heights, a new mural inside the GE Aviation complex in Evendale, celebrating GE’s commitment to active service members, veterans, and the engines that keep ... Read more

Homage to Cincinnatus

ArtWorks partnered with the Kroger Co., Thomas Melvin Studio, and artist Richard Haas, to restore Haas’ mural Homage to Cincinnatus to its original glory. Completed in 1983, it has since become a beloved part of the cityscape and was a source of ... Read more

Hear Us Out

With the support of Avondale community partnerships and the Cincinnati Police Department, ArtWorks hired professional artists and youth living in Avondale to paint a neighborhood mural alongside Police Officers. Content for the mural was inspired by ... Read more

Casa Colina

ArtWorks and Price Hill Will collaborated to create a mural in the round at 821 Purcell Avenue. Inspired by the Latinx community of Price Hill, this mural project represents the vibrancy of the culture influence in the neighborhood. Community ... Read more

Looking to Tomorrow

ArtWorks, Urban Blooms, and the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation partnered to facilitate a living green wall mural in historic Walnut Hills. A project steering committee with representatives from each partner/organization as well as prominent ... Read more

From Enslavement to Emancipation: Sky’s The Limit

From Enslavement to Emancipation: Sky’s The Limit is a partnership between Model Group and ArtWorks. The mural represents the existing vibrancy of the neighborhood of Walnut Hills and celebrates the neighborhood which is rich in Black History and ... Read more

Diversity in Science

ArtWorks was commissioned to produce a permanent public mural on an exterior retaining wall at the Thermo Fisher Scientific campus. This colorful mural conveys the themes of togetherness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, science, and ... Read more

Take to the Water

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) partnered with ArtWorks in 2021 to create two larger-than-life murals in the airport’s rental car facility and terminal expansion. Take to the Water is one of two in the building ... Read more

All Along the Control Tower

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) partnered with ArtWorks in 2021 to create two larger-than-life murals in the airport’s rental car facility and terminal expansion. All Along the Control Tower is one of two in the ... Read more

West End Legacy

The West End Legacy project is a partnership between ArtWorks and FC Cincinnati, designed to represent the past and existing vibrancy of the neighborhood of the West End, as well as build community pride and beautification to the construction of the ... Read more

FCC Club Mural – Heineken

The FC Cincinnati Club Murals are a partnership between ArtWorks and FC Cincinnati, designed to represent the past and existing vibrancy of the city of Cincinnati, as well as build community pride and beautification to the construction of the new FC ... Read more

FCC Club Mural – First Financial Bank

The FC Cincinnati Club Murals are a partnership between ArtWorks and FC Cincinnati, designed to represent the past and existing vibrancy of the city of Cincinnati, as well as build community pride and beautification to the construction of the new FC ... Read more

John Ruthven Mural

For the first time, ArtWorks created a mural painting in historic Milford featuring the work of Cincinnati Master Artist, John Ruthven, for the community. ArtWorks partnered with the Judy & John Ruthven Foundation to employ 10 local Youth ... Read more

Healthcare Heroes Save the Day

In celebration of St. Elizabeth Healthcare's 160th Anniversary, ArtWorks & St. Elizabeth Healthcare are partnered to create a massive mural at Newport on the Levee that honors our community's healthcare heroes. This mural illustrates the heart ... Read more

A Tribute to J.P. Ball

The J.P. Ball mural project is a partnership between ArtWorks and 3CDC, designed to represent the existing history and revival of historic 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati by featuring and telling the story of African American photographer, J.P. ... Read more

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

WordPlay Cincy and ArtWorks partnered to create a mural located on the south-facing wall at the new facility at 1556 Chase Avenue in Northside. WordPlay Cincy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to create spaces for young people to ... Read more

Gilbert Avenue Gateway Mural

As a new neighbor in the Walnut Hills community, ArtWorks will produce one permanent public mural that showcases a positive message and community spirit that complements the already vibrant neighborhood. ArtWorks is excited to work with Walnut Hills ... Read more

Mowgli’s Rainforest

ArtWorks partnered with Luis Perez and Tyler White of Hero Flooring LLC to bring innovation, vibrancy, and fun to the School of Creative and Performing Arts' playground in Over-the-Rhine and the Cincinnati Recreation Commission's basketball court in ... Read more


ArtWorks is excited to bring another mural to the public on the CROWN trail. In partnership with Tri-State Trails and the Cincinnati Reds, the goal of this mural is to spark excitement, curiosity, and discovery of Cincinnati’s gem landmarks along ... Read more

Elevation through Education

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission & ArtWorks partnered to design and produce the playful Elevation Through Education mural, which is one of three murals designed by artist Adoria Maxberry in the Evanston Recreation Center that celebrates ... Read more

Evolution of Evanston

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission & ArtWorks partnered to design and produce the Evolution of Evanston mural, which is one of three murals designed by artist Adoria Maxberry in the Evanston Recreation Center that celebrates the ... Read more

Legacy of Royalty

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission & ArtWorks partnered to design and produce the Legacy of Loyalty mural, which is one of three murals designed by artist Adoria Maxberry in the Evanston Recreation Center that celebrates the neighborhood’s ... Read more

Community Ties

This organically shaped mural, created in partnership with 3CDC and other Over-the-Rhine community partners, honors the history and legacy of Over-the-Rhine, its longtime residents, and the stories and experiences embedded in the architecture and ... Read more


In partnership with Ackermann Group, ArtWorks created Departure, which celebrates Madisonville as a diverse and growing music and entertainment district. The mural speaks to the feeling of excitement and anticipation of what is to come when ... Read more


In partnership with Ackermann Group, ArtWorks created Bouquet, which celebrates Madisonville as a diverse and growing music and entertainment district. The groovy bouquet showcases instruments that come in all different shapes and forms, while ... Read more


As a part of the 2022 FotoFocus Biennial ("World Record"), Perspectives is a photo-based mixed media mural that celebrates Black iconography, culture, expression, and joy. Produced in partnership by Mz. Icar, an anonymous interdisciplinary art ... Read more

The Roots of Walnut Hills

Standing at nine stories tall, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority Mural, illustrates the neighborhood of Walnut Hills and celebrates the cultural heritage of the community. Key symbols are larger than life and are easily visible to ... Read more

Cheers to Cincy: Brewing the American Dream

In partnership with the Boston Beer Corporation (Sam Adams), ArtWorks expanded the iconic “Cheers to Cincy, Past and Present” mural at 1625 Central Parkway. The mural is designed by Tom Post, the designer of the original mural, to ensure imagery ... Read more


Cincinnati State through the Ohio Arts Council’s Percent for Art Program commissioned ArtWorks to design and produce an interior mural in the fireplace lounge of the Advanced Technology & Learning Center that is attention grabbing, thought ... Read more

Nothing, Without First a Seed of Hope

ArtWorks and St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) are partnering to bring SVDP's mission to life in the Neyer Outreach Center, a new space dedicated to serving neighbors in need. "Nothing, Without First a Seed of Hope," created by artist Tina Westerkamp, ... Read more

Spring Festival

Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) and ArtWorks are bringing an exterior mural to the ERS Madison Villa Apartments that inspires serenity for ERS residents and viewers driving by. ERS works to enrich the lives of older adults in a person-centered ... Read more

Momo SHP Mural

ArtWorks and nationally recognized architecture, design and engineering firm SHP have teamed up to ignite downtown with a new dynamic and eye-catching mural, the first mural designed by American artist MOMO in Cincinnati. MOMO gained ... Read more