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Charley Harper’s Beguiled by the Wild

Charley Harper's Beguiled by the Wild14_72

In partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  This series of 18 murals spans the career of Charley Harper, celebrated Cincinnati artist.  Harper, who studied and taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, is best known for his images of the natural world created in his distinctive ‘minimal realistic’ style.  These murals fittingly adorn the sides of the City Barn; a site which originally housed horses used to pull trolleys around the city and is now owned by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  All of the animals represented in the Harper murals can be found living at the zoo.



1. Once Upon a Pond, 1998

2. B-r-r-r-r-rthday, 1977

3. Love from Above, 1976

4. Love on a Limb, 1989

5. Hexit, 1980

6. Cool Carnivore, 1979

7. Eagological Event, 1976

8. Manatee in a Mangrove, 1990

9. Convival Pursuit, 1987


North Facing Wall

1. Howlloween, 1970

2. Otterly Delicious, 1968

3. Puffins Passing

4. Potluck


South Facing Wall

1. Lucky Ladybug

2. Amorously Airborne (Woodcock in Nuptial Flight), 1973

3. Fine Feather, 1974

4. Best Dressed (Wood Duck)


South Facing Mural

Backscratching in the Baboondocks, 2005


Special Thanks to the Charley Harper Art Studio, Mary Rita Dominic & Abby Moran

Charley Harper
3512 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220

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