Public Art

Community Ties

This organically shaped mural, created in partnership with 3CDC and other Over-the-Rhine community partners, honors the history and legacy of Over-the-Rhine, its longtime residents, and the stories and experiences embedded in the architecture and generations who have passed through it. While honoring the past, the mural design seeks to look towards the future through refreshing imagery of hope, prosperity, and unity. Over-the-Rhine community residents not only informed the design concepts for this through community engagement, but also through a community vote chose the final design. The dominant element that flows throughout this design is a ribbon, which signifies the ties or connections of this particular community. Like how ribbons are worn in social settings to show support and solidarity or raise awareness, this ribbon raises positive community awareness for both visitors and residents spending time within Imagination Alley. A crane, a bird that signifies grace, beauty, and peace, carries the ribbon across the design ushering the values of the neighborhood throughout Imagination Alley. This crane, in flight, demonstrates the action of beautifying and erasing the negative narratives of safety concerns in the alley. The inclusion of a people across generations creates a welcoming space for people of all ages, while paying tribute to both the past, present, and future identity of Over-the-Rhine.

Latausha Cox
1319 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Shalyla Elms and Sophie VonLehman


POAH, Miami University Storefronts, OTR Community Housing, ArtsWave, Ohio Arts Council, and the city of Cincinnati

Adoria Maxberry