Public Art

Covington Vision 2015 (Phase 1)

Created by local artists, this series of murals was inspired by the idea of energy and the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. The many aspects of energy displayed through the murals include the energy of wellness and recreation, transformation, emotion, connectivity, people and community, and the natural environment.

#1 – Rowing on the Licking – Designed by Jack Howard

#2 – Flying Dogs – Designed by ArtWorks Apprentices

#3 – Mammoth and may fly – Designed by Paul Loehle

#4 – Birds – Designed by Christian Schmit

#5 – Volunteers – Designed by Kyle Penunuri

#6 – Fish – Designed by Timothy Gold

#7 – Redside Dace Dance – Designed by Jensin Wallace

#8 – A Wishful World, Mix and Melt Colors – Designed by Marina Garcia Gamez



In partnership with Vision 2015. Special thanks to The Licking River Greenway and Trails.


Licking River Greenway & Trails, Covington, KY

Harrison Carney
Margaux Hackett
Brendan Haehnle
Shayna James
Conner Nielander

Mayor Mark Mallory
City of Cincinnati
Vision 2015
ArtWorks Adopt-an-Apprentice Contributors
ArtWorks Board of Trustees

Haile Foundation
Ohio Arts Council

Kyle Penunuri