Public Art

East Price Hill Mural Series

ArtWorks partnered with Price Hill Will to lead a series of murals that celebrate the culturally rich and diverse Cincinnati neighborhood of East Price Hill. The heritage of this community includes Appalachian, German, Guatemalan, Irish, and Italian influences.  Lead Artists John Lanzador and Lizzy DuQuette gathered responses from residents and business owners about their families, traditions, and day-to-day experiences through engagement events meant to evoke cultural pride.  They collaborated to design five murals along Warsaw Avenue, which gave community members opportunities to integrate painting and printing techniques.  This project aims to encourage unity by building cultural understanding in East Price Hill and beyond.  What icons or attributes found in the murals relate to your own life?  How can we imagine a neighborhood culture that is inclusive of everyone’s dreams?


Lizzy DuQuette | John Lanzador
Warsaw Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45205

Sarah Kleymeyer | Adam Schmidt

Tamonta Evans | Simon Feist | David Felipe-Lorenzo | Leonardo Hernandez | Andrew Kuprionis | Celeste Leonard | Keyilah Murrell | Cecilia Padilla | Amari Seymoure | Elizabeth Vanderbilt

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Rebecca Nava