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Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt

Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt honors the accomplished life and career of Cincinnati Master artist, Edie Harper. Edie was born in 1922 in Kansas City and relocated to Cincinnati in the 1930s when her father took a job with Procter & Gamble, the place they would call home for the remainder of their lives. Edie enrolled at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1940 and it was there that she met Charley Harper, her partner in life and love. Edie always drew on her childhood for inspiration, a time she spent developing her love for animals (especially her favorite cat Katrinka, colorfully depicted in the mural), landscapes, and life in the Midwest. Edie passed away in 2010 at the age of 87, but as an Art Academy distinguished alumnus, she left behind a beautiful legacy that will continue to be celebrated for many years to come.  Do you have a favorite memory that you would love to turn into a mural?

Crazy Cat / Crazy Quilt
Scraps from here,
Scraps from there,
Silk and satin, velvet and lace—
What a super sleeping place!
Why use a basket or a box
When there’s such a comfy spot?
Crazy quilt, yes.
Crazy cat?  No!
– Edie Harper

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Master Edie Harper: Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt © 2017 ArtWorks / Edie Harper / 1107 Walnut St. / Photo by J. Miles Wolf

Edie Harper
1107 Walnut St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

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