Public Art

Elevation through Education

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission & ArtWorks partnered to design and produce the playful Elevation Through Education mural, which is one of three murals designed by artist Adoria Maxberry in the Evanston Recreation Center that celebrates the neighborhood’s past, present, and future. Evanston, known as “the education community” is a proud neighborhood, home to many learning institutions such as Evanston Academy, St. Mark Church, Academy of World Languages, and Walnut Hills High School. In the background of mural, imagery of the Xavier “X” and books can be found to celebrate the educational strength of the community. In addition to paying tribute to places of formal learning, thriving black-owned businesses, like Cream + Sugar Coffee house, where people can connect, work, and learn from one another, are exemplified through a coffee cup. Other images such as the iconic Evanston clock, the Evanston Community logo, and the King Record’s logo further illustrate community pride. As we hope to instill growth mindsets for youth in our community, the vivid orange background provides a similar sentiment and inspiration that a bright new day is on the horizon for the Evanston community.

Adoria Maxberry
3204 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Teaching Artist: Andrew Eppley

Loki Kochanowski, Isabelle Brown, Josh Crutcher, Audrey Ballard, Juli Chinchilla, Bailey Rawthron, Grace Kidoge

Cincinnati Recreational Commission, Ohio Arts Council, City of Cincinnati, ArtsWave

Michael Thompson