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This commemorative mural celebrates the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati in its 125th anniversary and pays tribute to the 19 local women who banded together one vision of making their own way in pursuit of art. To celebrate this milestone, local artist Tina Westerkamp designed the mural you see today. Inspired by the tradition of Art Nouveau, the artwork threads together a patchwork of images that allude to the club’s history of providing a foundation for local creatives to nurture their talents. Images of a corset give way to portraits of three women of different ages, symbolically representative of art club members through history. The design suggests that female artists can take pieces of the past to evolve, move beyond and emerge. Two local Teaching Artists led a team of eight local Youth Apprentices to paint the mural.

What obstacles have you overcome to open the door to new opportunities?

Tina Westerkamp
1200 Vine Street (back wall of Duncanson Lofts)

Bailey Dowlin

Isaiah Chinchilla, Grayson Draper, Katarina Elgersma, Simon Feist, Kelly Gardner, Taylor Helms, Nicole McClure, O’livya Potter

Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati,Youth to Work, Charles H. Dater Foundation,2018 Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign Contributors, American Scaffolding, Inc., ArtWorks Board of Trustees

The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Duncanson Lofts HOA

Paul Loehle