Public Art

Expression Explosion

Visionaries + Voices (V+V) partnered with ArtWorks to create this mural as a project designed to build a more inclusive community through creative collaboration between ArtWorks and V+V Artists, artists with and without disabilities working together, side by side. This unique mural was designed by local V+V Artist, Michael Bartels, and was selected by community members for being bold and contemporary, family-friendly and community-oriented. Bartels works in pen and paper, laying down his designs using heavy pressure. The abstract shapes within his drawings create an intricate, web-like pattern. His forms grow organically. This universal appeal paired with the fractal nature of the work make the image something that can be appreciated both as a larger whole, and as individual organic forms. How have you worked to build a more inclusive community? How can art foster collaboration between individuals with different abilities?

Michael Bartels
3056 Madison Road

Candi Branham, Chingyi Chan, Curtis Davis, Neil Dignan, Emma Sedlack, Braxton Thomas

Visionaries + Voices, Creating Inclusive Communities, an initiative of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, 2018 Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign Contributors, American Scaffolding, Inc., ArtWorks Board of Trustees

Dianne Aglamesis, Deeper Roots Coffee, Cincinnati Color Company, Blue Manatee Bookstore and all of the community supporters for the previous ArtWorks mural, 2006-2018.

Evan Hildebrandt