Public Art

Hear Us Out

With the support of Avondale community partnerships and the Cincinnati Police Department, ArtWorks hired professional artists and youth living in Avondale to paint a neighborhood mural alongside Police Officers. Content for the mural was inspired by community engagement between Avondale youth and neighborhood police officers. The engagement was an exchange of prompts and questions to and from both parties with the goal of better understanding the perspective of one another. Finding common ground and learning from each other. The model of this project was inspired Groundswell, a New York City-based arts and community organization using public art and youth employment to socially engage, heal, and deliver positive messages to the broader community.

Jeni Jenkins
639 Rockdale Ave, Cincinnati, 45229

Nytaya Babbitt, Michael Thompson

Kamryn Green, Paloma Lanzador, Mae Douglas, Xavier McDaniel, Aaron Krois, James Bond, Tamiren Wright, Kiyaira Smith, Audrey Ballard, Ella Emanuel, LaDe Richardson

Flip & Sheila Cohen, Cincinnati Police Division

Avondale Development Corporation, Cincinnati Police Department, ROOT Ambassadors: Sow Cincy, Christen and Matt Jacobs, Richmond Williams, Erin Saul, Bishop Tate, and Jennifer Foster, Mr. Chauncy White, CPS/South Avondale Elementary School, ArtsWave, City of Cincinnati, Ohio Arts Council, Procter and Gamble

Jeni Jenkins