Public Art

Heroes in Color

JMWolf 14-6470

In partnership with Crayons to Computers.  This whimsical and engaging mural symbolically represents the educational mission of Crayons to Computers.  A large red crayon appears to splatter and break through the wall next to a boy in a makeshift mask grinning mischievously.  Alongside, a young girl blows bubbles filled with scenes of the Bond Hill neighborhood and the children’s dreams for the future.  The bubbles lead to a ring of towering skyscrapers stretching upwards toward a vast sky filled with unlimited potential.

Paul Loehle
1350 Tennessee Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Holden Pierson
Elise Thompson

Matthew Carson
Ariel Daniels
Kinsey Downs
Asia Hardin
Karalyn Henry
Abigail Heyd
Alexander Murphy-White
Amica Phoenix
Earl Power
Eva Sofge
Dre’Don Thompson

The City of Cincinnati
A Gift from the Stein Family
Ohio Arts Council
School Outfitters
The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation
Crayons to Computers
American Scaffolding Inc.
ArtWorks Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign Contributors
ArtWorks Board of Trustees
Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee

The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts

Paul Loehle