Public Art

It Is Possible, A Celebration of Susan O’Malley’s Life and Work

Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses and ArtWorks partnered to create this mural, featuring the powerful and positive text-based art of internationally recognized artist, Susan O’Malley. ArtWorks employed a team of eight local Youth Apprentices, including West End residents, who worked under the direction of two local Teaching Artists to paint the large-scale mural and engage with the broader West End community with activities inspired by Susan O’Malley’s work. The Youth Apprentice team interviewed West End residents, asking what advice their 80-year-old self would give to their self of today. Susan believed there is something magical about speaking with a stranger, and that in asking, listening, and being listened to, there is an opportunity to see one another, and create a space of understanding. Susan encourages us to listen to our inner 80-year-old self, which reminds us that we can be the best version of ourselves, not through some colossal effort to reinvent ourselves, but simply by taking a moment to listen. What advice would your 80-year-old self give you?

Susan O'Malley
901 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Victoria Mullins

Kiara Berry, Christopher Brooks, Journey Cuthbertson, Grayson Draper, Terrance Norris, Jaivon Postell, Ashiki Rai, Olivia Shadler

Susan O’Malley Memorial Fund for the Arts, Patricia O’Malley, Youth to Work, Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses

2018 Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign Contributors, American Scaffolding, Inc., ArtWorks Board of Trustees, LISC

Derek Toebbe