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Little Nemo in Slumberland

Winsor McCay’s famous comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland, now adorns a downtown Cincinnati building and is a 2016 addition to the Cincinnati Masters Mural Series. McCay was a well-known American cartoonist and animator and in 1891 he moved to Cincinnati, where he spent nine years making posters and other advertisements for local businesses and museums –linking his unique style to Cincinnati. Other murals in the Cincinnati Masters Series include: John Ruthven’s “Martha, The Last Passenger Pigeon”, Charley Harper’s “Homecoming (Blue Birds)”, and Tom Wesselmann’s “Still Life #60”.

Winsor McCay
Tim Parsley
917 Main Street

Mary Claus & Kena Dillon

Braylyn Bell, Amy Gutmann Fuente, Brittany Howell, John Martino, Hannah Mcgovney, Calvin O’Brien, Jake Ruppert, Tamia Saunders, Joey Wells & Mya White

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