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Locks, Docks, and Barrels

Central Parkway was once the site of the Miami and Erie Canal. It’s southern terminus was the Ohio River at Cincinnati. It continued through downtown and northward into the western towns and cities of Ohio before reaching its terminus at Toledo and Lake Erie. From 1825-1928, the canal was a major part of Cincinnati commerce and infrastructure, and connected trade from the river to the Great Lakes. The narrative, which spans two mural walls designed by James Effler, begins with a typical scene of everyday life on the canal in the middle 19th Century. Features of note in this section include the old McMicken Hall at the University of Cincinnati, St. George’s Church, Sacred Heart Church. The spires and steeples of downtown landmarks lay in the distance. The southern section runs from left to right and depicts the careful surveying and construction of the system through the Mill Creek Valley,

James Effler
1008 Marshall Avenue

Derek Alderfer, Nina Gettemy, Ian Hermans & Jessica Holtman

Coniccia Burnett, Yordy Cabrera Garcia, Chase Colloway, Rebekah Duquette, Karl Edwards, Carla-Ann Henry, Molly Jorden, Noora Khalid, Henry Kramer, Lisa Kreal, Arrington Payne, Shaiaa Pendleton, Cynthia Reinecke, Benjamin Tarpoff

The Sansalone Family

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Eric Ruegg