Public Art

Me and You. You and Me.

ArtWorks and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center (KHAC) partnered to create a mixed-media mural on the façade of Kennedy Heights’ new Lindner Annex. This whimsical mural draws on the work of resident KHAC artist, Casey Millard, and aims to inspire and unite the racially and economically diverse community of Kennedy Heights.

Casey Riordan Millard
Nate Weikart
6620 Montgomery Road

Derek Collord, Hannah Hersko & Traci Listo

Trinity Circle, Julian Gregory, John Hadley, Jacqueline Ingram, Sasha LaCharity, Genevieve Lavalle, Josie Masset, Megan McKinney, Ichaya Mills, China Nicholson, De’ Juan Phoenix, Johnathin Walker and Myles Williams

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center

American Scaffolding | George and Margaret McLane Foundation | Vandercar | Wooster | Charles H. Dater Foundation | Sara M. Vance Waddell | 2016 Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign Contributors | ArtWorks Board of Trustees


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