Public Art

New Lines Phase III

ArtWorks partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to continue our mural series, New Lines, for a third phase which aims to create density among Phase I artwork, while simultaneously expanding the project footprint east, west, and south in Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton. New Lines III showcases a group of talented, women alumnae who have served as Teaching Artists in the past, but who have not yet had the opportunity to serve as designers – until now! (Meet them here) Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s Claire Bryson and Katie Davis led two unique teams of eight Youth Apprentices (16 total Apprentices) to create more than eight new murals in summer 2020.


Caution by Anissa Lewis
Em Sites Karns, Emily Howard, Anissa Lewis, Chelsey Hughes, Daija Williams, Cece Padilla, Genevieve Lavalle, Cori Ogleton, Elise Thompson
Alleyway systems off of Main and Sycamore Streets in OTR and Pendleton (1425 Sycamore St., 1413 Sycamore St., 214 E. 14th St., 1404 Main St., 207 Woodward St., 124 E. 13th St., 126 E. 13th St., 1203 Sycamore St., 309 E. 13th St.)

Claire Bryson, Katie Davis, Sarah Mackenzie, Sherman Parnell

Kyle Casey, Ted Lizak, Ian Darcy, Shalyla Elms, Skylar Due, Marcelo Roman, Fabiola Matumaine, Sarah Schaen, Kole Cline, Adeleigh Karoutchi, Lincoln Lundgren, Nar Roy, Liam Vollbracht, Margaret Faulkner

Nellie Leaman Taft Foundation

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