Public Art

New Lines

ArtWorks partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) to create a series of 12 small murals in the area of Over-the-Rhine bordered by Main, 13th, Sycamore and Liberty Streets. Murals were strategically curated to introduce colorful contemporary art to the neighborhood, help reduce blight, improve the perception of alleyways, beautify surroundings and, ultimately create a more vibrant and walkable community. The goal of the New Lines Series is to spark the curiosity of passersby, inviting them to explore and engage with the alleyway system and improve the existing perception of the alleys.

Artists & Locations:

Catherine Richards: Goetz Alley at 14th Street

Courttney Cooper: Plough Alley

Denise Burge: Bland Alley at Yukon Street

Hollis Hammonds: Goetz Alley at Bland Alley

LD Nehls: Enon Alley

Liam Smith: Corner of Cogswell Alley and Enon Alley

Lizzy Duquette: Goetz Alley at Orchard Street

Loraine Wible: Goetz Alley at 14th Street

Lyndon Probst: Goetz Alley at Woodward Street

Matt Coors: Goetz Alley at Plough Alley

Michael Coppage: Goetz Alley at 13th Street

Phillip Lavelle: Goetz Alley at Bland Alley

Terence Hammonds: Woodward Street at Main Street

Yoyo Ferro: Goetz and Plough Alleys

Denise Burge, Loraine Wible, Philip LaVelle, Terence Hammonds, Michael Coppage, L.D. Nehls, Lyndon Probst, Lizzy DuQuette, Hollis Hammonds, Catherine Richards, Courttney Cooper & Matt Coors
OTR Alleyways bordered by: Main Street, Liberty Street, 13th Street and Sycamore Street

Claire Bryson, Katie Davis, Christian Dallas & Chelsey Hughes

Felix Bangert, Curtez Brown, Kyle Casey, Lyle Casey, Ezra Cline, Elias Dean, Madalyn Deck, Kanysha DePriest, Hannah Feibelman, Precious Fox, Brittney Greer, Tyra Harrow, Joysoline Ivory-Smith, Tylan Johnson, Wisdom Mincey, Isabella Riley, Violet Schramm, Liam Smith, Ja’najah White &
Alexander Wymer

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Nick Scrimenti & Paul Rodgers