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Camp Razzle

ArtWorks collaborated with Wave Pool Gallery and San Francisco-based artist Christian Davies to create Cincinnati’s first refugee-inspired, co-created mural. The mural, inspired by his mother’s American quilt patterns, merges traditional fabric designs from all over the world with the striking and disorientating black stripes of Razzle Dazzle Camouflage used on World War I battle ships.  The result is a question on what it means to hide in plain sight, asking what it means to make a home in a new country while maintaining your identity, as well as a quilt-like presence that is all-encompassing, welcoming, and warm. What motifs would you incorporate into a camouflage pattern that expresses your identity?

Photo Credit: Camp Razzle © 2017 ArtWorks / Christian Davies / 2940 Colerain Ave. / Photo by J. Miles Wolf

Christian Davies
2940 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45225

Bailey Dowlins

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