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Rookwood Revival

This mural project provides a destination and landmark on The Rookwood Pottery Company property to draw people off of the streetcar, and out of their cars, to stop and enjoy what the Findlay Market neighborhood as to offer. This west-facing mural (along Race Street) is a beautiful, contemporary design that reflects the color palette of The Rookwood Pottery Company in a non-literal sense using a similar color palette to the company’s pottery and complementing the existing mural on the north facade of the building, all while beautifying the neighborhood. Each element featured in the mural design was referenced from Rookwood pottery and tiles. The artist was especially influenced by the Revival Bird Tile Series. The heavy floral composition was chosen to represent in a unique way the growth of the Rookwood Pottery Company. The birds and butterflies become more active within the composition as the viewer’s eyes moves towards the center, which adds movement, vibrancy, and unity across the wall. Look at the mural design from up close and afar; how many different types of birds and flowers can you name?

Photo Credit: Rookwood Revival © 2017 ArtWorks / Christian Dallas / 1920 Race St. / Photo by J. Miles Wolf

Christian Dallas
1920 Race St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Erika Arett

Ibrahima Athie | Jayla Curtis | Fiona Harrell-DuChaine | Rivka Ocho | Mia Schirmer | Myles Williams

Marilyn J. Scripps | American Scaffolding, Inc. | The Rookwood Pottery Company

Christian Dallas