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Swing Around Rosie

**Due to construction this mural is mostly obstructed**


Adding to the Cincinnati Legends Series, ArtWorks partnered with the Cincinnati Enquirer to give power to their readers to elect the subject of the first female legend to be honored in Over-the-Rhine. The public chose Rosemary Clooney from a list of greats that included: Louise Beavers, Harriet Beecher-Stowe, Dorothy Kamenshek and Mamie Smith. Known to her peers as Rosie, Clooney was one of the shining stars of Hollywood during the height of radio and television entertainment. She was most successful and respected in American pop culture during the mid-to-late 20th Century for her timeless acting and musical talents. This mural project provided an opportunity for the community of Over-the-Rhine, along with local representatives, residents, and business owners, to engage in the mural process.



Natalie Lanese
1606 Pleasant Street

Cori Ogleston & Tyler Hildebrand

Alyssa Coffaro, Princess Dyer, Johanna Engebrecht, Winnie Ingle, Henry Glen, Eeva Lentz, Diana Rosing, Trinity Shaya, Natalie St. George, Honesty Wallace, John Ward & Zuri Zubari

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Derek Toebbe