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The Buzz Around Town

In honor of Scripps National Spelling Bee’s 90th anniversary, ArtWorks produced a mural to honor and reflect the Cincinnati-based program’s mission and spirit, celebrating what has made this international event so meaningful.  The mural connects viewers with a part of Cincinnati’s rich heritage that continues to support an incredible mission:  “Inspire (Experience a journey filled with excitement and emotion), Discover (Celebrate the power of the human spirit), Champion (Advocate for a lesson deeper than language)”. That mission was brought to life through the thoughtfully designed mural created by Paul Loehle, a local artist and art educator who has dedicated much of his life to guiding the youth of Cincinnati toward their greatest potential in the art room, at the mural site, and in the world. Loehle’s design features the portraits of three Scripps Spelling Bee contestants whose ebullient expressions illustrate the essence and nature of the Bee.  What words would you use to describe the feeling of achieving your dreams?

Photo Credit:  The Buzz Around Town © 2017 ArtWorks / Paul Loehle / 1010 Elm St. / Photo by J. Miles Wolf

Paul Loehle
1010 Elm St. Cincinanti, OH 45202

Paul Loehle | Christine Tweddell | Genevieve Lavelle

Emma Brueggemeyer | Terence Bryant | Lyle Casey | Cayce Cobaugh | Taylor Helms | Isabelle Pope | Tamia Saunders | Natalie St.George

Scripps National Spelling Bee | American Scaffolding Inc.