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Visionary Reality Threshold

In partnership with the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), ArtWorks brought internationally renowned contemporary artist, Saya Woolfalk, to Cincinnati, to create a new mural alongside her 2019 exhibition at the CAC. Lead Teaching Artist Paul Loehle worked alongside professional artists Ashna Khanna and Charley Frances to lead 14 Youth Apprentices and bring this mural to life through the vision of this talented contemporary female artist. Based in New York City, Woolfalk is best known for her multimedia work, which spans from 2D painting, sculpture, performance and projection. Across her breadth of work, Woolfalk explores complicated themes, such as science, race, and gender, while often utilizing science-fiction and fantasy to reimagine what the world could be in a different universe or dimension. This mural features a series of mandala-like portals inviting the viewer in to explore the intricacies of the pattern-work as they turn to deep contemplation and personal reflection to imagine a future society. A large goddess rises to watch over and protect the entire city.

Saya Woolfalk
1005 Walnut St. 45202

Ashna Khanna & Charley Frances

Lyle Casey, Alice Darouich, Wesley Ericson, Margaret Faulkner, Simon Feist, DaeQuan Ford, Megan Grafe, Haley Green, Henry Lindeman, Malik Mitchell, Ashoka Rai, Natalie St.George, Bri Wales, Rowan Weckman

Bartlett Wealth Management, Summerfair Cincinnati, George & Margaret McLane Foundation, Y2WK, 3CDC, American Scaffolding, Neyer Properties.
2019 Mural Program Sponsor P&G

The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Talbert House

Paul Loehle